The 101 on Water Damage Clean-Up


Water Damage In home

Having a flood that affects a carpet can be devastating. There was once a family that once went out of town on vacation. Unbeknownst to them, their washing machine started leaking while they were away. They were unable to get back in time before the entire downstairs had flooded, leaving the carpet destroyed and much of the furniture damaged as well. This is a catastrophe that must be avoided at all costs.

The best way to go about repairing water damage to carpets or even furniture is to catch it as soon as possible. When the water damage has been noticed within 72 hours there is no need to panic. That means there is still time to look into the damage and get it repaired.

Water Damage Clean-Up

Catch it ASAP

The most important aspect of water damage is catching it as soon as possible. The sooner water damage is noticed, the better the chances are of there being no permanent damage. No one wants to be like the family listed earlier, who didn’t get to catch the leaking pipe in time before their downstairs was ruined, and an entire renovation was necessary. Do your best to catch water damage as soon as possible.

Look to the Defenses

Once water damage has been noticed, it’s time to look to the defenses. Letting a professional carpet cleaning company know what the problem is as soon as possible is going to give them a good shot at taking care of the water.

Water Repairs are not DIY

Some household jobs and repairs are do-it-yourself, and can be handled by the average handyman with a wrench or a hammer. Water damage repairs do not fall under this category. When water damage is noticed it is important to contact the professional immediately. Once that is done, state of the art equipment can be brought out, along with 100% ECO friendly chemicals, to ensure that no lasting damage takes place.

72 Hour Window

Remember this time frame when seeking help for water damage. If longer is taken to seek, the water becomes an incubator for mold, which will devastate the flooring and furniture of a home. Don’t let this be the case. Contact the professional immediately.

Dealing with water damage in South Florida can be tricky. It’s already a humid climate, which provides some complications to homeowners already. A1A Extreme Green professionals are trained and certified and have the experience necessary to conquer these tasks. Hurry and get their help if water damage has taken place in the Fort Lauderdale area. Call them today at 561-613-3996!

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