4 Benefits of Having Your Windows Cleaned


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First impressions matter. When someone first approaches your home or business building, one of the first things they notice is the condition of the exterior. Windows serve as a gateway into your home or business. Like any other part of your property, it is important to clean and maintain your windows as well. Although windows are typically not on the priority list for many, you would be surprised by the amount of benefits clean windows provide. A1A Extreme Green has described to us the benefits a person can take advantage of when having their windows professionally cleaned. After reviewing this list, your perception on cleaning your windows will be changed!


Benefits of Having Your Windows Professionally Cleaned


  1. Preserve the Structure of the Glass

When your window glass begins to collect dirt it will eventually become fragile and start to lose transparency over time. Pigmented spots may also arise during this period, which accommodates for microorganisms’ growth rates. In the end, this will ruin the glass of your window completely and result in you having to spend money on replacing it.


  1. House Heat Efficiency

A little known fact about windows is that they affect the overall temperature of your home or business. Dirt particles that collect on your windows reflect more UV light which prevents the heat from the sun from warming up your home during the winter.


  1. Subconscious Impressions

Any time you have a visitor come to your home or a customer enter your business, the first impression is received by the exterior condition of your building. Whether subliminally or even completely consciously, most people will take notice of the cleanness of the glass when approaching your home or business. In addition, recent studies have proven that properties with clean windows were sold at higher prices than those with similar structure but dirtier windows.


  1. Long-Term Maintenance

Like with many things, it is less expensive to clean and take care of your windows in the short run rather than to pay for the long run restoration expenses. It’s important to hire a professional cleaning company to perform weekly or monthly maintenance on your windows. Micro-scratches and dirt particles have the potential to gradually destroy the glass and result in your having to replace the window.


Get Your Windows Cleaned Today!


With the unexpected weather patterns in South Florida, it is important to stay on top of the cleanliness of your windows. Ensure that the job is done right by hiring the certified technicians over at A1A Extreme Green. They provide some of the best window cleaning services in the entire area! For further questions or inquiries, contact them today at 561-613-3996!

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