Carpet Mold: 4 Signs Your Carpet May Have Mold



Falling victim to carpet mold can be a tough battle to fight because in the right conditions, mold growth is unrelenting. One it gains foothold within your home, it’s an uphill battle that is very consistent. Rooms like damp basements and ones with poor ventilation are the perfect breeding ground for mold, and if those rooms are carpeted, there’s a good chance it’s growing below the surface.

One of the easiest ways to rule out carpet mold is to perform regular inspections, and during those inspections, you’ll want to look for a few things that we at A1A Extreme Green have outlined.

4 Things to Look Out for When Inspecting for Carpet Mold

  1. Musty Odor

    If you notice a musty odor that’s lurking around your carpeting, there’s a good chance that’s where it’s coming from. Mold thrives in damp and moist environments, so if you’re noticing an odor, you’ll have to invest in a mold testing kit. With that being said, mold testing kits are not hard to find, you can actually find them in just about any home improvement store.

  2. Increase in Allergy Symptoms

    If mold is present in your home, you’ll probably notice a change in your health. Mold can cause several health problems which include allergies, asthma, trouble breathing, bronchitis, and the flu. If you perform an inspection all around your home and the walls and floors look clean, the mold could be growing underneath the carpeting.

  3. Damp Carpeting

    Any carpeting that remains damp for over 48 hours will automatically be prone to mold growth. In most instances this will occur in the basement area of a home because of all the pipes and the water heater. So, if you’ve had a leak recently, you want to have a professional mold removal service come and check out the property to see if there’s any mold beginning to form underneath the carpet.

  4. Colored Growth

    If you notice black, white, or green discolored patches in your carpeting, there’s a good chance it’s mold. When the carpet noticeably changes color, the growth is in the advanced stages, and you’ll want to have professionals like us at A1A come and inspect the area. If we find anything, we’ll properly remove it to prevent any future growth.

Battling Mold Growth in Your Home

One of the easiest ways to check for mold growth is to lift up your carpeting to do a thorough inspection. If you find any discolored areas, or if you notice a musty odor, you’re going to want to call a professional mold removal service to come and clean it up. Although you can always try and DIY mold removal, when it’s in your carpeting and it’s noticeable, you want to have someone who’s experienced in removal and cleanup tackle the job to ensure it won’t grow again.

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