4 Stains You May Need Us to Remove For You


As many tricks as you may find on the internet for removing stains, sometimes you just can’t do it alone.  Seltzer and dabbing can’t solve everything, and if you encounter any of the following stains, consider calling a professional cleaning company that knows what they’re doing.  Going it alone could result in damaged carpets, furniture, or any type of upholstery, so take the stress out of stains and let A1A Extreme clean for you.

Red Wine

An old classic, a red wine stain is nearly impossible to get out.  Red wine stains are so difficult to remove that many people stick to white wine just to avoid the devastation of a possible red wine spill! One drop can ruin everything, so call a professional cleaning service ASAP after a spill.

Sticky Things

This is more of a category than an individual type of stain, but sticky substances are definitely cause for calling carpet cleaners.  Whether your children were doing an art project and they spilled glue on the couch, or if your friend walked on your carpet without realizing he had stepped in chewing gum, sticky stuff getting stuck in your carpet or on your furniture can be extremely frustrating.


Most of us are complete zombies without our morning coffee, which makes them such common stains to get.  In rushing out of the house to get to work, spilling a few droplets of coffee from your thermos is all too possible.  You don’t want to constantly worry about spilling coffee on the floor, so having a carpet stain removal service come to your home periodically is a great option for taking up those little nagging stains that you don’t have the time to deal with.


Cozying up on your couch and writing in your journal can end up resulting in big stains rather than a cathartic relaxation session.  Ink is terribly difficult to remove from upholstery, especially upholstery light in color.  A white couch streaked with ink is not going to be an easy fix, and the classic dabbing and blotting method isn’t going to do the trick.  Removing color is an intense process, and the professional pressure washing that would be done by a professional cleaning company is one of the only true ways to remove a stain so prominent.

Other substances like blood, chocolate, and even sweat are also potentially extremely difficult to get rid of, and the damage you could incur by trying to take care of issues yourself could end up costing you more money than the amount you’d save by doing it yourself.  Hire a professional cleaning company today!

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