Avoiding The Carpet Cleaning Scams


Carpet Cleaning Boca Raton When shopping online for any kind of service, the first thing that catches your eye is the cheap prices and the best deals. However, many of these carpet cleaning companies that offer “deals,” will come out and do test inspections – which are not required for carpet cleaning – then end up telling you that your carpet is basically not “good enough,” for their offered deal and next thing you know, you’re spending $400 plus versus the $50 coupon they promoted.

For one man in Las Vegas, he struck one of these unfortunate deals and ended up paying over $500 to clean his “less than 600 square feet of carpet.” Upon hearing this new deal that the company tried to strike with him, he immediately told them to leave, but then the “negotiations” cameā€¦

  • They came back at the homeowner with a counter offer of $269 – he declined.
  • They continued to lower the price two more times.
  • Then, they offered to take another $100 off IF he paid in cash.

As soon as they told him the cash deal, the man knew that something was not right with this company. However, after some more negotiating, he paid to have his home carpets cleaning for $125 – with a credit card. Yet, even after looking over the contracts, and assuming everything was fine, a little more digging on the company to find out why they wouldn’t honor their $49 carper cleaning deal proved otherwise.

It was discovered that the company he contacted [Carpet Cleaning Services] was actually two carpet cleaning companies with completely different names – Silver State Carpet AND Stain Masters LV. The reasoning behind them upcharging this homeowner was because his carpeting required the use of shampoos and conditioners, but they would have been more than happy to oblige their deal to anyone who requested it – false.

Fear not, because this company received over 60 other complaints about being scammed – so, what happened to them? They received an F by the Better Business Bureau.

To avoid situations like these, it is best to call before and make your demands as to how you want your carpet to be cleaned and what you intend to pay based on their prices. If they require an inspection before cleaning and you believe it to be necessary, allow it, but be cautious of giving into the negotiations that still end up taking more money out of your pocket than you intended.

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