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If your home contains a lot of upholstered items it’s essential to have them cleaned regularly in order to maintain their quality and ensure that you don’t need to replace the fabric often. If you have a particularly troublesome area of upholstery, it may be a good idea to call a professional in order to have the stain or bothersome element taken care of professionally. The first thing that you should look at is the type of fabric that you are dealing with. If the fabric is synthetic, chances are you’ll be able to clean it on your own without needing to call a professional. If the fabric type cannot be located, you can always call the retailer or the manufacturer to inquire about what it was made out of. If the fabric is 50% or more cotton, you may want to call a professional carpet cleaner to get the job done for you. Attempting to remove a stain or soil from fabric that is made out of cotton could make the mess worse than what you started with if you do not have the right equipment.

If you are attempting to remove the stain on your own after discovering that the fabric is made of synthetic properties, start by rubbing a small amount of warm water over the stain to see if it lifts. Sometimes, depending on the size and severity of the stain, a little water will do the trick. After you’ve noticed whether or not the stain is lifting, let the area air dry if you feel the stain has been successfully removed with the water. If the stain has already settled, you won’t be able to remove it with water alone and if the stain happens to be grease or oil, water will do very little good when it comes to removing the soil from your upholstery. Remember to only use a little bit of water when trying to remove the stain from you upholstery. Remember, water only works if the stain is fresh and small, and water is typically not your friend when it comes to removing other types of stains from your upholstery.

If the stain is mild but persistent, try using a baby wipe to remove it. Baby wipes have the perfect combination of soap and water and can often remove mild stains from your upholstery. If you aren’t sure whether or not the stain will be lifted by using a baby wipe, give it a try and see what happens. Baby wipes are not potent enough to further ruin your upholstery and will help remove the stain if it is still fresh. To reduce stains that occur from the buildup of dirt and grime, make sure that you clean your upholstery regularly.

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