Is My Carpet Causing My Allergies?


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Regardless of what they are made from, carpets can harbor bacteria, mold, dust, and pollen. Even if you vacuum regularly, this alone is not enough to keep carpets from carrying heavy loads of allergens. Regular carpet cleaning can help prevent this. Here are some signs that your carpet is causing an allergy problem.

  1. Runny Eyes and Noses

Allergies often mimic the symptoms of a cold. Chronic runny eyes and nose don’t always mean that you have seasonal allergies like so many claim. This is especially true if you spend a lot of time inside and have allergy symptoms.

  1. Carpet Is Older

The older a carpet is, the more time it has to attract and store allergens. If a carpet has not been professionally cleaned in a long time and is older, then it is a prime breeding ground for bacteria and for storing allergens. If you don’t know when the last time your carpet has been cleaned, then it has been way too long.

  1. Symptoms Go Away When You Are Away

If it seems like your home is where you always have symptoms, then your carpet may be the culprit. You may even notice that symptoms decrease when you go to work.

  1. You Have Carpet And Pets

While a pet is great and adds a lot of joy to a family, all the dust and danger that a pet leaves behind means that your carpet can become dirty very quickly.


For those with severe allergies, it may be necessary to remove completely and replace the older carpet. Many people choose a hard surface such as tile, hardwood, or linoleum that can be easily cleaned and doesn’t harbor mites and dust. A1A Extreme Green provides furniture cleaning and carpet cleaning services that can help prevent or eliminate allergy symptoms.

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