Carpet Cleaning

Here’s our 14 Step Carpet Cleaning Process

  1. Pre-Inspection – Together with the client, we will pre-inspect the carpet or tile to determine areas of concern.
  2. Pre-Vacuuming – A commercial heavy duty vacuum will be used as needed to remove gritty, dry, abrasive, damaging soil.
  3. Furniture Moving – We will carefully move furniture and place it on special protectors to prevent rust or furniture bleeding stains.
  4. Baseboard Cleaning – When relocating heavy furniture we’ll also clean any dust or soil from the exposed baseboards.
  5. Accelerated Drying – While cleaning we will strategically position commercial air moving equipment to speed up the drying process.
  6. Pretreatment – Carpet will be Pre-treated with our own special cleaning agents to break down and suspend stubborn soils prior to extraction.
  7. Pre-Spotting – We pre treat spots with special spotting agents and mechanical agitation.
  8. Rotovac Mechanical Agitation-We will utilize the scrubbing power of the RotoVac Scrubbing extractor to further loosen stubborn embedded soils in the traffic patterns, badly spotted and heavily soiled areas, as needed.
  9. The Rotovac 360 injects high pressure hot water, while brush scrubbing , vacuuming and flushing out stubborn embedded dirt and grime.
  10. High pressure Hot Water Extraction – Suspended soils will be quickly flushed  out of your carpet and removed from your home and carpets using our hot water extraction process.
  11. Sanitizing Deodorizer – Your carpets will be pampered and indulged with a sanitizing deodorizer to restore freshness and kill germs.  Carpets are left clean and sanitary with a fresh clean appearance..
  12. Scotchgard (1 year warranty) – We will then apply genuine 3M Scotchgard® carpet protector to your carpet for maximum spill and soil protection. All this, and you receive the additional benefit of a one year stain warranty.
  13. Final Finishing – We’ll carefully set the pile of your carpet for maximum appearance, softness and rapid drying. Carpets will be left with a beautiful finished look.
  14. Post Inspection – our technicians will perform a final inspection with customers on any areas of concern.

A1A Extreme Green Cleaning

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