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Carpet Cleaning

Some homeowners are looking at their carpets right now, wondering when the time will be for a professional to come in and take care of cleaning it. There may be a few spots underneath the couch or next to the table where some food fell from the table. There may even be a mess made by the pets! The one thing that is for certain is that every carpet should eventually be cleaned.

But how is the homeowner to know when the time is right to bring in the professional. The occasional vacuuming and getting stains out when they are made is important, but there is a whole lot more that goes into carpet cleaning than just those two things. Where is a good place to start? That’s a great question.

You Know You Need Carpet Cleaning When…

  1. The Pets are Making Messes

Some of the hardest and most frustrating mess makers are the ones with fur and paws. Sure, they’re cute and we love them, but pets are as notorious for making messes as they are for being adorable! The good news is, if cats or dogs or the family hamster has started getting to the carpet and it’s not looking or smelling the way it should, the best remedy is going to be to put some strong carpet stain cleaners on the spots!

  1. There is Water Damage

There are many ways that water and flood damage can occur in a home. Sometimes an entire home renovation may be necessary on the floor that received the water damage. In other cases, it may be best to go ahead and have a professional carpet cleaner come in and do the job. A1A Extreme Green emphasizes prompt responses to water damage. That way, there is no time for the mold to take hold and start damaging the carpet.

  1. It’s Just Time

Some homeowners may have never had their carpets cleaned. Or they could have had it done so long ago they just can’t remember when it was last done. Sometimes it’s just time. There are so many benefits to having the carpets cleaned that it doesn’t make sense to let them stay dirty and not get cleaned by a professional carpet cleaner.

In South Florida, nothing is worse than having a carpet that is less than perfect. There are some of the most beautiful homes in the area, and while owning any home is something to be grateful for, sometimes it just takes a little tender love and care to make a home that much more special. A great way to do this is with a professional carpet cleaner. Give A1A Extreme Green a call today at 561-613-3996!

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carpet cleaning

Many homeowners are starting to discover why cleaning carpet is so critical. Keeping the carpets clean and pristine has a great impact on the overall value of a home. But there are many other great benefits to having carpets professionally cleaned as well. Everyone loves a clean home, and having a clean carpet is just one of the ways to start to get a home to look amazing!

Professional carpet cleaning is one of the best ways to keep a home looking great. Having the carpets cleaned right can even make a home smell better. All sorts of things can get trapped in the follicles of the carpet that we don’t even see, and the best way to take care of them is by properly cleaning them with a professional carpet cleaning service.

3 Big Benefits of Professional Carpet Cleaning

1. Make the Home Look New Again

One of the biggest benefits of keeping carpets clean is that it is going to make the home look new again. Neglecting to clean carpets of a home can wear on the overall cleanliness of the home and make it seem older than it actually is. Many homeowners are discovering that they can make their home look brand new again just by having the carpets cleaned by a professional.

2. Increase the Value of the Home

When carpets are cleaned professionally, it works wonders in making the home appear brand new again. Homeowners need to be aware of ways to increase the value of their home if they ever want to be able to sell their home and make a profit. Those that are in the market for a new home realize the importance of an extremely clean carpet.

3. Help the Rest of the Home Come Together

Putting a lot of time, effort, and money into the decoration of a home will all go to waste if the carpets and other parts of the home aren’t taken care of properly. In order to maximize other efforts in home renovation, many times it is also necessary to have the carpets professionally cleaned so that the home looks great from top to bottom!

When looking for a professional carpet cleaner in South Florida, there is no need for homeowners to try and do all the work on their own. There are professional carpet cleaning services that specialize in making carpets go from dirty to amazing, just like that. For the carpet cleaning specialists in South Florida, call A1A Extreme Green today at 561-613-3996!

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Why is carpet cleaning so great? What are the best parts about a clean carpet? Well we’re glad you asked, because that’s what we’re going to talk about today. Obviously, carpet cleaning is an exciting part about owning a home. There’s just something special about walking into a clean home that has clean floors. Sometimes it takes a little work to be able to get there, but it’s always worth it.

Feels Good Under Your Toes

Clean carpet feels great to walk on. It has a nicer cushion and it puts your mind at ease because you know your socks are staying clean as you glide across the carpet. This speaks volumes for the comfort aspect of maintaining the cleanliness of the carpets in a home.

Increases Value of Your Home

Maintaining clean carpeting in your home is one of the best ways to keep the value of your home high. No one wants to move into a house with dirty carpets. There are many ways to do this, including rug cleaning services and water damage clean-up. But the best way to maintain clean carpets in your home is the daily maintenance of them. Keeping them free of spills, being swift to clean spills when they are made, and bringing in a professional for occasional maintenance are keys for the upkeep of the carpet in any home. Thus, clean carpets not only mean more comfort in a house, they mean more value as well.

Clean Carpets Means a Clean Home

Look in any home anywhere, and you’ll notice that if there are clean carpets, the rest of the home is bound to be clean as well. There is certainly something to be said about a home that is clean. The aesthetic value of having clean carpets is something to be noted. If you are eventually wanting to sell your home or you just want it to look nice, be sure to do what it takes to keep your carpets looking new and fresh.

You Don’t Have to Do It Alone

The best part is that you don’t have to do this alone. There are those that specialize in the cleaning of carpets, so that you can focus on what you really love. As awesome as cleaning the carpet may be, sometimes enjoying it is the best part. That’s why we want to do the cleaning so that you can enjoy your carpets. Those of us at A1A Extreme here in Boca Raton would love to be able to take care of this for you. If you or someone you love is looking for a great carpet cleaning service, don’t hesitate to get in touch with A1A Extreme. We’re committed to exceeding your expectations and performing all your furniture and floor cleaning needs. Call us today at 516-613-3996!

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Water Damage In home

Having a flood that affects a carpet can be devastating. There was once a family that once went out of town on vacation. Unbeknownst to them, their washing machine started leaking while they were away. They were unable to get back in time before the entire downstairs had flooded, leaving the carpet destroyed and much of the furniture damaged as well. This is a catastrophe that must be avoided at all costs.

The best way to go about repairing water damage to carpets or even furniture is to catch it as soon as possible. When the water damage has been noticed within 72 hours there is no need to panic. That means there is still time to look into the damage and get it repaired.

Water Damage Clean-Up

Catch it ASAP

The most important aspect of water damage is catching it as soon as possible. The sooner water damage is noticed, the better the chances are of there being no permanent damage. No one wants to be like the family listed earlier, who didn’t get to catch the leaking pipe in time before their downstairs was ruined, and an entire renovation was necessary. Do your best to catch water damage as soon as possible.

Look to the Defenses

Once water damage has been noticed, it’s time to look to the defenses. Letting a professional carpet cleaning company know what the problem is as soon as possible is going to give them a good shot at taking care of the water.

Water Repairs are not DIY

Some household jobs and repairs are do-it-yourself, and can be handled by the average handyman with a wrench or a hammer. Water damage repairs do not fall under this category. When water damage is noticed it is important to contact the professional immediately. Once that is done, state of the art equipment can be brought out, along with 100% ECO friendly chemicals, to ensure that no lasting damage takes place.

72 Hour Window

Remember this time frame when seeking help for water damage. If longer is taken to seek, the water becomes an incubator for mold, which will devastate the flooring and furniture of a home. Don’t let this be the case. Contact the professional immediately.

Dealing with water damage in South Florida can be tricky. It’s already a humid climate, which provides some complications to homeowners already. A1A Extreme Green professionals are trained and certified and have the experience necessary to conquer these tasks. Hurry and get their help if water damage has taken place in the Fort Lauderdale area. Call them today at 561-613-3996!


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