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Carpet Cleaning Products Boca RatonWhen people go searching for carpet cleaning products, they often go for the big name brands rather than checking the warnings labels for what the product is harmful towards. A majority of the cleaning products out there can cause health problems for humans and animals alike. So, while you may be off cleaning your carpet and feeling accomplished, you are most likely paying with your health. Continue reading “Looking For Safe DIY Carpet Cleaning Products” »

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Best Ways To Clean Your Carpet Without A Vacuum

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Old Fashioned Carpet CleanerOne of the more tedious things to invest in when purchasing cleaning supplies is a vacuum. Many of them are overpriced and the affordable ones end up clogging before you have finished half your living room. However, there are plenty of affordable ways to clean your carpet without needing to go out and buy some industrial vacuum that can contain more than one mess. Here are some original and easy ways to clean your carpet: Continue reading “Best Ways To Clean Your Carpet Without A Vacuum” »

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Hurricane Precautions

South Florida has been blessed to forever be a toggle in the pin ball game called hurricane season. Every year, Floridians dread the preparation for hurricanes due to the cost before and the estimated cost after. There is no telling how hard a hurricane will hit the coast line because Florida is usually the force that slows the storms down. While the aftermath consists of horrible traffic, flooded roads, scattered showers, and power outages, the most stressful clean-up is always your home. Continue reading “Water Damage Unforgiving To Your Home” »

boca raton carpet cleaning
The accumulation of waste water during any routine carpet cleaning in inevitable. What to do with that waste water, on the other hand, is something that every carpet cleaner has the choice to make. If the water is simply thrown out onto the ground, a number of different problems can occur. The waste water that comes from cleaning carpet is usually filled with all sorts of harmful bacteria including but not limited to human remains, animal fecal matter and more. When this water gets into the ground it can be easily absorbed into the local drinking water supply and then consumed by humans who in turn become sick.
If you are looking to hire a local carpet cleaning company make sure you are aware of their cleaning practices. Mainly, does the carpet cleaning company have “green” cleaning practices? It’s 2013 and there is virtually no excuse for any company not to be engaging in eco-friendly cleaning practices. There have been huge strides made in order to accommodate businesses and many eco-friendly and affordable products have been developed so that nobody has to worry about contaminating the atmosphere in ways that were previously hard to avoid.

Most carpet cleaners are aware of the strict laws regarding how to deal with waste water, but unfortunately not a lot of people follow these guidelines. If you are thinking about hiring a carpet cleaner it’s important that you ask these types of questions, not only to be a socially responsible member of society but to protect yourself and your family from the chance that you’ll be exposed to the harmful waste water that happens as a result of most carpet cleaning sessions. The government has no clear cut way to monitor the way the waste water is disposed of, and that opens up unfortunate opportunities for carpet cleaners to cut corners if they are lazy and ignorant to the repercussions of their actions.

The best to tell whether or not a carpet cleaning service is eco-friendly is to do some research on the web and determine what type of products they are using. If you are unable to retrieve this information from simply looking at their website, don’t be afraid to give them a call and specifically ask for this kind of information. Whoever you speak to on the phone should be able to tell you exactly what types of products they use. Once you are confident that they only use eco-friendly cleaning products, make sure that you ask them what they do with their waste water. If they hesitate to respond, or have no response, you should think about vetting another company for your carpet/tile/upholstery cleaning needs.

boca raton carpet cleaning

The deadly tornado that hit Oklahoma on Monday left shards of carpet, amongst other debris, scattered throughout the local landscape. Officials have given the okay for crews to start going in and cleaning up the area, which is a big step. This means that soon, families will be able to return to their homes-those of them that still have homes to return to.

Some people will be returning to a house that’s completely or partially destroyed, and knowing what to do about your carpet can reduce the chances that you’ll have to replace it entirely. It is much better practice to clean the stains in a carpet before it sets in. As once a stain has set you will find it much harder to remove that may result in the only solution being to replace the carpet depending how long the stain is set in for. Replacing the carpet can get a bit expensive and is truly a last result if you are keeping up with proper carpet cleaning maintenance.

Carpet cleaning maintenance is simple and needed for set in stains such as stains resulting from; your children playing, wine from when you had neighbors over last month, or just because “Rex” the family dog loves the mud. Set in stains are resilient however they are not invincible. When maintaining your carpets cleanliness regularly you may begin to understand just how resilient a set in stain can become.

Whether you are vacuuming everyday or every other day you will find these dingy discolorations in your homes carpet. What is that and where did it come from? To be frank it came from you and your family. It could be form the ink pen you stepped on last month or even a pet stain from a year ago that has been hidden under that living room couch. These stains will withstand anything and everything you through at it. Subsequently that is because you have not yet be made aware of what the secret is to defeating set in stains.

Removing the stain is the process of removing those resilient marks or spots that were left by our loved ones and dinner guests. Some form of solvent is usually used to remove stains from surfaces and fabrics. Fabrics such as your homes carpet may have stains that require more than the usual soap scrub, as the stain may have been allowed to sit there remaining dirty for quit sometime before it becomes noticed. In our case a set in stain means that the stain as literally became chemically bonded to the carpet.
Set-in Stain Removal

To remove a stain we would usually use; laundry detergent, vinegar or baking soda with a scrubby of some kind. Except with a set in stain you will require a few extra steps that will allow the removal of these resilient stains. The secret is nothing more than simply being patient.

First off we will leave the stain on our carpet saturated in vinegar for about 10 minutes. At that time you will rub a mixture of vinegar and baking soda on to the stain. If by some miracle the stain persists, then mix together some vinegar and laundry detergent and let it sit on the carpet stain over night. All you have to really do is just use the same tools that anyone would normally use for stain removal, except you just need to add a dash of patients.

Whether you are faced with an emergency situation, or just want to ensure that you know how to take care of your carpet, we hope these carpet cleaning tips help make your life a little easier.

parkland carpet cleaning
When you are ready to have people over to enjoy your lovely home then the cleanliness of your home becomes a top priority. We always seem to rush to get our homes presentable for the eyes of others. Of course we can easily pick up things around the house in a matter of minutes, but what about the carpet? When you live in small town such as Parkland, Florida you immediately get the feeling that you are no longer in the big city, as neighbors are far more inviting to having people over for a nice relaxing conversation. Except that conversation will not be very relaxing while your neighbor notice your dingy carpet.

Carpet Maintenance

A carpet cleaning will take a bit more than ten minutes of dusting. Hence, why no one should have to wait to keep their home’s carpet clean just for the times that neighbors and other guest come into your residence? The answer is simple, carpet cleaning maintenance. Carpet cleaning maintenance is important as guests of your home will likely not see you as a very cleanly person when the carpeting in your home has set-in stains as well as that dingy look that a carpet gets after only a month of normal use

Having Guests Over

The cleanliness of your carpets makes one of the biggest impressions on a person as they enter your home. As the carpet is usually the first place we look when watching the front door open. Having a clean carpet is essential when you are planning to host a gathering for your neighbors and guests. In Parkland, Florida there are less people per square mile than any other surrounding counties. The city is full of loving people that appreciate the amount of effort you take to keep your carpeting clean.

Family Safety

If you are from a small town like Parkland, Florida but you are not one to care much for your neighbors’ then surely your family is a priority. A dirty carpet can over time become harmful to your family’s health. Just think about how often your children and pets use the carpet to play. No matter how your carpet gets dirty in the first place, floor maintenance is important. The cleanliness is crucial for maintaining a look and feel of a clean and healthy environment for your family.

I for one would never let my young ones have a play date at another child’s home if I knew that the child’s parents kept the home unclean. Regardless if they have been my neighbor for years, if their home is dirty then it is unsafe for my child to play in. Carpets hold the majority of your home’s filth accordingly taking the time to maintain carpet cleanliness is simple and important.

boca raton carpet cleaning
When it comes to cleaning your wood flooring, you have to be very careful about the method that you choose. If you aren’t sure how to go about cleaning your wood floors there are a number of tips that you should follow in order to help you make the most of your flooring. If you have wood floors it’s important to get them professionally cleaning at least once a year particularly if you have small children or pets. Make sure that when you clean floors on your own you only use products that are organic. Using chemicals on wood flooring can drastically affect their overall look as well as the longevity of the flooring. In order to ensure that you do not harm your flooring, use products that are eco-friendly and that don’t contain harsh chemicals. Products that contain chemicals are not just bad for your flooring; they affect the allergies and health of your family members. Children and small pets can be easily affected by chemicals and if anyone in your family suffers from allergies it’s never a good idea to use any type of chemical treatment on your flooring.

Depending on the type of wood flooring that you have, you will need to determine which type of cleaning method that you will need to use. Do not use oils, waxes, or any type of furniture spray on your wood floors. These will leave a troublesome residue that is difficult to remove. If you want to ensure that your carpet gets cleaned as effectively as possible, it’s important that you determine which type of wood is in your home. Different types of wood require different types of treatment in order to keep the wood in the best possible shape and also not to completely ruin it. In high traffic areas it’s important to clean particularly well because of the amount of wear and tear that will occur. These areas of your floor usually include door entry ways, hallways and dining areas.

Wherever your floor attract the most foot traffic is where you should focus on first when you decide to buckle down and start cleaning. A lot of people opt to clean their flooring with only water, and this technique is not effective. Water alone is not enough to leave you with the clean finish that’s desired after your floors have been cleaned. It’s important to use at least soap and water if you are going to clean your wood flooring without the use of a specific cleaning product. If you’re not sure where to start when it comes to cleaning your flooring, try calling a professional in order to gain some insight about which products to use, and whether or not you can accomplish the task on your own.

boca raton carpet cleaning
When it comes to cleaning your upholstery, there are a number of things that you can do in order to make sure that accidents are taken care of. Stains can’t always be removed on your own, but there are a few tips and tricks that can help you if you are in a bind. If you are able to catch the stain while it is still fresh, you may stand a chance at removing it successfully.

Tips to Cleaning Large Stains

If the stain is large, on cotton, or has had a chance to settle, you may want to consider hiring a professional carpet cleaning company in order to make the stain disappear. Trying to remove the stain on its own if it has already settled, especially if it is on cotton, may end up being a huge waste of time.

One of the most common types of upholstery stains is coffee. If you spill coffee, combine a small amount of vinegar, dish detergent and water and dab it gently over the stain in order to lift it. Once the area has been treated, let it dry and see whether or not the stain has been removed.

Oftentimes, the stain will be partially removed and can be completely removed with one more treatment. If this does not work, call a professional cleaning company. A professional carpet cleaning company will have the necessary equipment to make removing stains easier than if you are trying to do it on your own.

Tips to Cleaning Small Areas

In order to treat small areas of mold and mildew (it’s not a good idea to treat a large area-if there is a large area of mold or mildew in your home it is imperative that you leave your home until the problem is solved so that you don’t get sick) mix hydrogen peroxide and bleach. For tougher stains like crayon or marker, you can try to use non-gel toothpaste. Non-gel toothpaste is sometimes effective when it comes to treating more severe stains that are still on a smaller scale.

You won’t want to attempt to treat a large crayon or marker stain with toothpaste because that would be a tedious endeavor that might not even payoff. If you are worried about the size or severity of the stain, you can always call a carpet cleaning company and get a free estimate.

If there is anything that you can do on your own to remove the stain, the carpet cleaning company will surely tell you about it as long as they are reputable and trustworthy. Remember, there is no reason to spend money on treating stains if you can find a simple, DIY solution. If you have exhausted all of your efforts, find comfort in knowing that most carpet cleaning companies will be able to help you if the stain proves to be too bothersome to remove on your own.

boca raton carpet cleaning

If you have hardwood floors there are a number of things that you can do in order to ensure that your flooring doesn’t need replacing over time. Hardwood floors are meant to last and therefore it’s important that you maintain them to avoid replacing them. They can be highly costly, and if you can prevent having to replace them you should.

Vacuuming your floors regularly will prevent dirt from building up and becoming a problem. If you go for too long without vacuuming your floors, it’s probably because you can’t find the time to do so. If this is the case, you may want to consider hiring a company to do the work for you. Any good carpet cleaning company will gladly vacuum your hardwood floor as well as give them the extra attention they may in order to stay in tip top shape. The fine grit that is in dust known as underfoot, will wear away at your flooring if you are not careful. Underfoot has been known to slowly pick away at the finish that most wood is covered in. In order to avoid this it’s important that you vacuum at least once a week if not more. Many people make the financial commitment to have wood flooring in their home, but can’t afford to have the expensive floors re-installed if anything should happen to them. This is why it’s crucial that you take as good of care of your hardwood floors as possible.

Placing rugs over high traffic areas throughout your home will reduce the amount of “wear and tear” that your floors experience. Hallways, doorways and other areas of your home need to be covered with a rug new while the so that the balance of your flooring isn’t ruined. For instance, your dining room floor may look as if it is brand flooring in the hallway next to it may appear as if it is totally worn if you don’t think to protect is with a rug. The higher the foot traffic in a particular area of your home, the more important it is to place a rug to protect is from getting ruined or stepped on beyond recognition.

This sounds like a no brainer, but when it comes to keeping water out of your home, it’s important that you keep you windows and doors closed during harsh storms. Rain water can be particularly harmful to your flooring and can warp the texture of the wood as well as produce deep stains. If this should happen to you, it is recommended that you call a carpet and flooring cleaning professional in order to safeguard your flooring from any permanent damage.

boca raton carpet cleaning
Cleaning your carpet is the best way to keep harmful mold and allergens out of your home. Carpet can be very expensive to replace and it’s important to get yearly professional cleanings in order to maintain the longevity of the carpet fibers. If you are a business owner, it’s important that your carpet keep a new appearance as to not deter clients from doing business with you. In residential homes, old or worn carpet may cause illness and stop you from hosting gatherings with guests, neighbors and families.

It’s easy for dirt and mold to accumulate in your carpet. Air quality is 10 to 100 times worse indoors as opposed to outdoors so it’s very important to start with the source and keep your carpets as clean as possible. Make sure that when you hire a professional carpet cleaning company that they use natural cleaning products that do not contain chemicals.

Natural cleaning products that are eco-friendly are the only products that should be used in your home. Your home is an enclosed space, and therefore whatever substances you allow to be used in your home will linger for a long time. In order to make sure you are not harming your health or the health of your family, always looks for natural cleaning procedures. A routine that includes vacuuming regularly and cleaning your carpet with eco-friendly products will greatly increase the quality of your indoor air and improve the overall health of your household.

Having a clean carpet is the foundation of comfort in your home. The financial benefit of keeping your carpets clean is the money you will save by not having to replace your carpet. Replacing your carpet is a costly and time consuming endeavor that can be avoided with the proper carpet care and maintenance. If the quality of your carpet is affecting your daily like, you may want to consider hiring a professional carpet cleaning service in order to eliminate whatever mold and dirt is hiding within you carpets. It’s important to have your carpets cleaned professionally at least twice a year.

Professional carpet cleaners are able to reach deep within the carpet fibers and clean more thoroughly than over the counter cleaning methods allow. Dust mites commonly accumulate in carpet fibers that aren’t attended to regularly and can greatly disturb your health especially if you are prone to allergies. If you notice that your pets or children are prone to allergic reactions, it may have something to do with the quality of your carpet. In order to ensure the health of your children and pets (as they are frequently close to the ground when they walk and play) make sure that you have your carpets cleaned regularly as well as keep them up on your own with natural cleaning products.

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