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A1A Extreme Green Cleaning can repair and cigarette burns on any upholstery.

Cigarette burns in upholstery are one of the most commonplace scenarios that need repairing. Dropped cigarettes, neglected or forgotten cigarettes, a bad aim at the car window leaves a nasty black mark; there are many scenarios where we need to repair cigarette burns in upholstery.

Most people feel as though there is no repairing cigarette burns in upholstery but this isn’t necessarily true. In most cases (that is if the burn hasn’t fully damaged the fabric or burned all of the way through) the burn can be repairable and in fact there are some pretty clever methods that people have come up with over the years. Throughout the contents of this article we will go over different methods of repairing burn marks in upholstery that people have come up with for many different scenarios. Remember, most of these methods are scenario-specific and may not be effective in other scenarios than the ones specifically mentioned.

One of the best (and most creative) methods for repairing cigarette burns in upholstery in your home is to use mayonnaise (I know right?). Rub the mayo into the upholstery and let it soak for a few minutes before washing it off. Letting the mayonnaise soak for a few minutes will lift the black char marks that discolor your upholstery. This method is best if the burn hasn’t gone all the way through the fabric or there is no stuffing coming through. Once the mark has dried a little, scrape off the remaining char marks carefully with a knife or with your fingernails if it is possible and voila! The burn is gone.

If you have accidentally left a burn mark on the ceiling or headliner of your vehicle you may need to use a different method as mayonnaise can stain or discolor this delicate fabric. The fabric that most companies use for headliners in vehicles ignites very rapidly so all that is need is a bump with a cigarette to cause damage. For this, one of the best methods is to use a fabric dye. If can, take a picture of your headliner in order to guarantee that you have the right color dye and apply it to the burn as instructed. Be sure to remove any char marks first as this can still discolor the mark. I have also read that colored pencils will work in this scenario but I wouldn’t try it.

Lastly, if the burn has gone all the way through the upholstery you may need to use a fabric patch. The best fabric to use is a piece cut from an inconspicuous area of the furniture itself so you know it matches. Apply the patch with fabric glue or by sewing. This may be used in adjacent to the mayo trick.

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