How Often Should You Clean Your Carpet?


Maintaining your carpet can appear like a laborious task. How frequently should you be cleaning your carpet and should you use a professional carpet cleaning service to do it? There are some great resources available to the everyday person looking to clean their carpet. The truly industrious person can rent a carpet cleaning machine from big box stores in their local neighborhood. However, doing so does not change the fact that nothing is better than getting a thorough cleaning from a carpet cleaning professional in Boca Raton. There are many ways to maintain your carpet through the year, but hiring a professional company to come in once a year and give your carpeted floors a deep cleansing is beneficial for many reasons. If any of these reasons applies to you, then do not hesitate to contact A1A Green Extreme for your next annual carpet cleaning.

Clean Your Carpet Frequently If…

  1. You cannot remember the last time you had your carpet cleaned. Having your carpet cleaned regularly makes sense for so many reasons. Dirt from the outdoors can easily get inside your home from your everyday footwear and the simple action of opening and closing doors. Pretty soon, your new carpet can look well worn without a yearly cleaning.
  2. You have children or pets (or BOTH!). Children and pets like to trek things from the outdoors inside, including everything from water and sand to mud and dirt. The great thing about children and pets? They are inquisitive, wide-eyed and lots of fun. Unfortunately, that can spell disaster for the maintenance of your carpet.
  3. You have a big event coming up. The holiday season is just around the corner and that means plenty of holiday parties and get-togethers. Getting your carpet cleaned about a week before your party will make a good impression on your guests.
  4. You have allergies. If you suffer from seasonal or year-round allergies, you can experience improvements in your allergy symptoms by maintaining your cleanliness of your carpet. A yearly cleaning will go a long way to removing dirt, pet hair, dust and other allergens from your carpet.
  5. You want to improve your home’s look. For the homeowner in Boca Raton, a professional carpet cleaning can drastically enhance the look of your home. Having your carpet restored to its natural color can easily provide a facelift for your home’s decor.

These are just a few reasons to have your carpet cleaned at least yearly. If your home is the gathering spot for the local kids or you regularly host events in your home, then a yearly cleaning may not be enough. You can always spot treat any noticeable stains for ongoing carpet maintenance. However, for a truly thorough clean try the carpet cleaning professionals of Boca Raton, A1A Extreme Green.

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