Do I Really Need To Clean My Dryer Vent?


Your dryer vent seems like a fairly inconsequential part of your home, so it’s easy to forget about.  Even the most thorough of home cleaners can miss their dryer vent, or if they do ever get around to cleaning it, chances are it isn’t nearly well enough.  Cleaning your dryer vent isn’t only a matter of cleanliness, but of safety as well.  Below, we want to outline some of the reasons why getting your dryer vent cleaned professionally is so important.

Saving You Money

One thing that may deter people from getting their dryer vent cleaned is the cost of doing it.  However, having your dryer vent cleaned can actually increase its efficiency, saving you money in future energy costs.

Safety Hazard

Build up in your dryer vent is common.  This build up decreases the efficiency of your dryer vent, in addition to posing a major fire safety hazard.  The debris build up coupled with the hot air pumping through the vent is dangerous as the debris can easily catch fire, which can quickly spread to other parts of your home.

Out Of Sight Out Of Mind

Because most of your dryer ventilation system is located within the walls of your home, you don’t often think to clean it.  A full sweep of the house won’t remind you to clean it, and considering the fact that a lot of us simply clean to keep things looking good, it may never get done.

Health Concerns

Debris that has built up in your dryer vent can endanger your family beyond a house fire.  The build up can be a potential breeding ground for bacteria and germs that can find their way into other parts of your house.  Regular cleanings of your dryer vent is your best shot at combatting these pollutants.

To ensure that your dryer vent is cleaned efficiently, completely, and professionally, contact A1A Extreme Green today. 

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