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For generations upon generations oriental rugs have been iconic in furnishing homes. In ancient times, certain rugs and tapestries were used to distinguish class and authority, today being only little different where one can easily see good taste in an oriental rug, especially an antique oriental rug. Since oriental rugs are among the highest importance of our furnishings it is natural that we want to pay special attention to these rugs. This is of course not without reason as oriental rugs are typically made with natural wool fibers that can be easily damaged compared to modern synthetic fibers. To be quite frank, like all carpets and rugs in your home, oriental rugs need to be professionally cleaned at least once every two years to ensure the upmost quality of your oriental rugs and that they continue to be vibrant throughout the years.

A1A Extreme Green Cleaning pays special attention to oriental rugs and uses specialized techniques in order to ensure that your oriental rugs are as good as new. Of course, with all carpet cleaning jobs there is a pre-inspection and a post-inspection so you can list out your priorities and particular directions that you want followed through in cleaning your carpets and ensure that they were followed as directed.

Nonetheless, it is important to keep regular maintenance of your oriental rugs in between professional cleanings. It must be known beforehand that there are methods that would be considered traditional in cleaning rugs but shouldn’t be carried out on oriental rugs. For instance, it would never be recommended for you to beat your oriental rugs like you would modern rugs. As previously mentioned, oriental rugs are made with natural fibers and especially when these get old they can break and fray when beaten. A good alternative would be to set your household vacuum to its lowest setting, either low carpet or bare floor. This allows full air suction while limiting the movement of the bristles that may damage your rug. Vacuum as normal, only not as rigorous. Be sure to vacuum the other side of the rug as well.

Some websites may give you directions on how to shampoo oriental rugs but this is not recommended as oriental rugs tend to be temperamental and many shampoos or household concoctions can fade the colors.

However, with spills or accidental stains, action must be made immediately. For most food stains or pet urine, a simple rinse of the stained area with warm water should suffice, letting the rug dry and blotting the area with a sponge or cloth. Other times, you may need to mix 2 cups water with a ¼ cup white vinegar; you may add half a teaspoon of liquid detergent if you would like. Most oriental rug dyes are acid-fast and adding vinegar allows the water to remove more of the stain without fading the colors.

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