Why You Have to Clean Your Upholstery


To some people this may seem like a silly question, but it is not. Many people today don’t find it necessary to clean their upholstery on a regular basis or at all. As a matter of fact it is a commonality in America for many people to neglect cleaning their sofas, curtains, chair covers, ottomans, or otherwise. The end result ultimately being that their upholstered goods and carpets deteriorate over a very short amount of time. As a matter of fact, in ancient days, carpets and upholstered decorations were utilized and hung around homes; this same upholstery and carpets were to be uncovered thousands of years later still to have color and very little deterioration that would be expected. Some have speculated that in today’s society, we no longer treat our carpets and upholstery with the same amount of care as we did thousands of years ago.

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To get down to business, cleaning your upholstery truly is an imperative chore to take up. The most important reason isn’t even the staining or dirt; the problem is germs and bacteria. Sofas, foot rests, seat covers, curtains, these are all upholstered pieces of furniture that are a haven for germs and bacteria. Furthermore, they also are home to miniscule organisms like dust mites or fleas. The fact is, it is completely unsanitary to let your upholstered furniture go without regular cleanings. Lice are insects that are known for infestations in our youth but these infestations can easily be transferred to adults as well. A common misunderstanding about lice is that they prefer hair that is dirty or not shampooed regularly. This is actually not the case; there have been studies that concluded that lice actually prefer clean, shampooed hair to hair that is unclean.

To continue, dirt and dust buildup on your upholstered furniture causes many problems other than health concerns. You may have noticed yourself in the past that bringing new furniture into your home is much easier than taking it out. This is because of dust and dirt buildup over the years, literally adding pounds and pounds of weight to your furniture. The seemingly absurd truth is that dirt and dust buildup may even increase the weight of your furniture by 50 percent. In addition, utilizing upholstered slip covers for your furniture is a great idea for blocking dirt and dust from reaching your furniture. However the problem is that if the slip covers are not regularly cleaned, dirt and dust will still seep through the slipcover and onto your furniture, only at a slower rate than usual. As for your curtains, when you first hung them up they looked vibrant and healthy. But after years of a lack of cleaning, they look dull and limp. Dust and dirt build up on curtains increases the weight and causes them to hang at odd angles and look lifeless.

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