When it comes to your home, you want to keep it clean.  You want the simplest, safest, and cheapest options for keeping your home in great shape.  Pressure washing is a great option for cleaning areas like the outside of your home, the concrete in front of your home, or your driveway.  However, not everyone can afford to own a pressure washer themselves, which is why we at A1A Extreme Green offer our own pressure washing services.  For a nominal fee, you can make the outside of your home look brand new again.

How Does It Work?

A pressure washer works by way of a small gasoline engine that runs a high-pressure water pump and hose.  A pressure washer works very similarly to a common garden hose, but with a lot of additional pressure and speed. 

Things To Look Out For

Pressure washers are incredibly powerful, which is great when we want them to be, but not so great when we don’t.  Pressure washers shouldn’t be used inside your home, as the extreme pressure could end up damaging items within it.  Additionally, when using a pressure washer you have to make sure that the water source it’s drawing from is adequate given the amount of water that your pressure washer will use.  Running a pressure washer without the proper amount of water to feed through it can result in something called cavitation, which will damage the pump and other parts of your pressure washer.


Pressure washers pack a big punch, so they should only be used on things that need an extreme cleaning.  The outside of your home is subject to the elements, meaning it can take quite a beating.  Mud, dirt, grime, and debris can all build up on the outside of your home, and they can be easily removed with a pressure washer.  Cleaning your vehicle is another perfect time to hire a professional pressure washing service.  Your vehicle is an extension of yourself and it says a lot about you.  Driving around in a car covered in mud and bird poop doesn’t convey the sense that you’re a powerful and important person.  Stay sharp, and clean your vehicle with professional pressure washing services.

Pressure washing, with all of its intensity, can be daunting for some people considering home cleaning solutions.  Fear not, for pressure washing does a lot more good than harm.  Find out about pressure washing today by contacting A1A Extreme Green!

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Your dryer vent seems like a fairly inconsequential part of your home, so it’s easy to forget about.  Even the most thorough of home cleaners can miss their dryer vent, or if they do ever get around to cleaning it, chances are it isn’t nearly well enough.  Cleaning your dryer vent isn’t only a matter of cleanliness, but of safety as well.  Below, we want to outline some of the reasons why getting your dryer vent cleaned professionally is so important.

Saving You Money

One thing that may deter people from getting their dryer vent cleaned is the cost of doing it.  However, having your dryer vent cleaned can actually increase its efficiency, saving you money in future energy costs.

Safety Hazard

Build up in your dryer vent is common.  This build up decreases the efficiency of your dryer vent, in addition to posing a major fire safety hazard.  The debris build up coupled with the hot air pumping through the vent is dangerous as the debris can easily catch fire, which can quickly spread to other parts of your home.

Out Of Sight Out Of Mind

Because most of your dryer ventilation system is located within the walls of your home, you don’t often think to clean it.  A full sweep of the house won’t remind you to clean it, and considering the fact that a lot of us simply clean to keep things looking good, it may never get done.

Health Concerns

Debris that has built up in your dryer vent can endanger your family beyond a house fire.  The build up can be a potential breeding ground for bacteria and germs that can find their way into other parts of your house.  Regular cleanings of your dryer vent is your best shot at combatting these pollutants.

To ensure that your dryer vent is cleaned efficiently, completely, and professionally, contact A1A Extreme Green today. 

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As many tricks as you may find on the internet for removing stains, sometimes you just can’t do it alone.  Seltzer and dabbing can’t solve everything, and if you encounter any of the following stains, consider calling a professional cleaning company that knows what they’re doing.  Going it alone could result in damaged carpets, furniture, or any type of upholstery, so take the stress out of stains and let A1A Extreme clean for you.

Red Wine

An old classic, a red wine stain is nearly impossible to get out.  Red wine stains are so difficult to remove that many people stick to white wine just to avoid the devastation of a possible red wine spill! One drop can ruin everything, so call a professional cleaning service ASAP after a spill.

Sticky Things

This is more of a category than an individual type of stain, but sticky substances are definitely cause for calling carpet cleaners.  Whether your children were doing an art project and they spilled glue on the couch, or if your friend walked on your carpet without realizing he had stepped in chewing gum, sticky stuff getting stuck in your carpet or on your furniture can be extremely frustrating.


Most of us are complete zombies without our morning coffee, which makes them such common stains to get.  In rushing out of the house to get to work, spilling a few droplets of coffee from your thermos is all too possible.  You don’t want to constantly worry about spilling coffee on the floor, so having a carpet stain removal service come to your home periodically is a great option for taking up those little nagging stains that you don’t have the time to deal with.


Cozying up on your couch and writing in your journal can end up resulting in big stains rather than a cathartic relaxation session.  Ink is terribly difficult to remove from upholstery, especially upholstery light in color.  A white couch streaked with ink is not going to be an easy fix, and the classic dabbing and blotting method isn’t going to do the trick.  Removing color is an intense process, and the professional pressure washing that would be done by a professional cleaning company is one of the only true ways to remove a stain so prominent.

Other substances like blood, chocolate, and even sweat are also potentially extremely difficult to get rid of, and the damage you could incur by trying to take care of issues yourself could end up costing you more money than the amount you’d save by doing it yourself.  Hire a professional cleaning company today!

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Tile is such a popular choice in home design because of it’s versatility, elegance, and how easy it is to clean.  However, when you go over your tile with Windex and a paper towel, are you really giving them the deep clean that they need?  Rooms in which tile is traditionally used tend to be moist and damp, which can lead to mold development, which can be a huge health concern.  Having your tiles professionally cleaned by a company that knows what they’re doing is the best way to ensure that your home stays healthy and mold-free.


Certain rooms in homes are more likely to have tile than others.  The two types of rooms that really come to mind when talking about tiling are kitchens and bathrooms, both places that you want to feel are safe and free of mold.  Preparing food in your kitchen can be unsettling if you suspect that mold may be growing on your tile.  If that mold finds its way into your food it can do some serious damage to your system.  Even aspirating mold can do you harm.  In your bathroom, the steam from showers, spillover from the tub, or a dripping sink can all promote the growth of mold and other bacterias.  The heat mixed with the moisture provides a great breeding ground for most types of mold, so look out for mold in your tiling.

What to Look For

The mold that may grow on your tiling is not difficult to spot.  Most of us know what mold looks like when it’s growing on bread or fruit, so naturally we must assume that bathroom mold will look the same, which sometimes it does.  The mold that grows on fruit is typically white and almost fluffy in appearance, like the dead petals of a dandelion.  This is not mold that you would typically see making its way between your tiles.  However, the green mold that we can observe on bread, among other foods, can appear between your tiles.  Black is another potential color for the mold in your bathroom, and it can be the scariest of all.  Black doesn’t often signify something good, and if you notice the appearance of black mold you should call in a professional tile and grout cleaning service to take care of the problem for you quickly and completely.

Don’t downplay the importance of living in a healthy home.  Mold can be a silent killer in many cases, damaging your system without you even knowing it.  Regularly cleaning the tile in your home can prevent the growth of mold or other harmful bacteria that could affect your family and your life.

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A successful entrepreneur knows that there is always money to be made somewhere, and the home furnishing industry is certainly no exception.  If you take the right steps, your old, stained carpet could make you a quick buck on the resale, but why stop there?  Any number of home furnishing items can be cleaned and refurbished for sale, but doing it yourself can be time consuming, and worse yet, you may not know the best way to clean each individual type of item.  Spending a little money to get your items properly cleaned and looking good before trying to sell them will result in larger profits in the end.  Let’s take a look at just a couple of the items that A1A can help you get looking as good as new.


A good quality carpet is durable, beautiful, and crafted for longevity, but that doesn’t mean you have to keep yours until it disintegrates.  Perhaps you’re redecorating your home, or maybe you just need a little extra cash, either way selling your carpet is a much better option than just throwing it away.  Hiring professionals to clean and refurbish your carpet will curry a much better price for your wares, and there’s no reason to let an opportunity to make some money pass you by.  Even if you think you’re completely finished with your carpet, get it properly cleaned and discover the possibilities.


We’ve all seen those old, dirty couches left out for garbage pickup and thought “that looks pretty comfortable…”, yet convincing yourself to actually take it home with you is no easy task.  Picking up a couch with no knowledge of its previous owner is scary, mostly due to the assumption that if it’s being thrown out, there must be something seriously wrong with it.  This is not true!  Most people throw out their upholstered furniture because it either no longer fits with the design of their home, or it needs a thorough cleaning that the previous owner did not want to pay for.  Spending the money to have furniture reupholstered is well worth the expense, and instead of throwing away that old couch, you can make some well-deserved money off of it.  Consider having your couches, sofas, love seats, easy chairs, or any upholstered furniture refurbished for sale and watch the cash flow.

With a good cleaning company, the possibilities for entrepreneurship are endless.  Developing a relationship with a business that can help you with all your refurbishing needs, such as A1A, can lead to a very successful, and lucrative, partnership.

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Having your carpet professionally cleaned can do a lot for the comfort and cleanliness of your home. Here are some of the reasons you should regularly have your carpet professionally cleaned.


1. Helps Your Carpet Last Longer

Dirt and debris in your carpet can be abrasive and cause your carpet to wear out faster. A carpet that occasionally is deep cleaned will not develop this high of a level of debris.

2. Reduce Allergens

If you like having carpet but have a tendency towards allergies, then you need to be vigilant about establishing a carpet cleaning routine. A1 Extreme Green Cleaning have a team of professional carpet cleaners that can take great care of you.

3. Remove Stains

Some stains can be hard to remove, especially if they went unnoticed and were allowed to set and dry. Carpet stain removal can require a more intensive process using cleaners and equipment the average person does not have on hand.

4. Improve Air Quality

Carpets can harbor a lot of particulates. Professionally cleaned carpets smell great and do not have a significant accumulation of particulates and dirt. Mold and other allergens are eliminated as well which means you have higher air quality overall.

5. Better Appearance

A dirty carpet can appear flat and lifeless. When cleaned, a rug regains its beauty and patterns. A rug that you might have thought would never look good again can be transformed if cleaned properly.

Antique And Special Rugs

If you have specialty rugs, it is essential that they receive proper care if you want them to last and retain their value. Antique rugs can have special care requirements. Making a mistake with a cleaner can mean you have permanently damaged your rug. Contact us for your rug cleaning needs.

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mattress cleaning

Getting your mattress cleaned occasionally is important. It’s not something many people consider part of basic home cleaning, but it should be addressed. We spend about a third of our lives sleeping (25 years!) on our mattresses, so basic upkeep definitely needed. Here are some of the factors to consider when deciding how often you need to clean your mattress.



If you split your time between multiple homes or simply travel a lot, then your mattress will not get as much use as someone that lives in one place. Air BnB and other sites have led to many people getting extra income from renting rooms or apartments out. If your mattress is being frequently used by travelers, then you may want to have it cleaned more often to prevent things like bed bugs.


If your mattress starts exuding any unpleasant odors, then you should have it cleaned. Odors can be a sign of mold or mildew growing in your mattress which can occur from unattended spills. These problems significantly increase the chances that you will suffer respiratory and other allergy symptoms.

Major Spills Or Stains

Regardless of how well you watch them, it is possible that a child or pet makes a big mess on a mattress. Anytime this happens you may want to get your mattress professionally cleaned to prevent future issues such as mold, allergens, odors, and bacterial growth.

Allergy Symptoms

Dust mites and bed bugs are a big problem all over the place. Bed bugs can come into your home through a variety of ways. Those that work with a lot of people or travel often are at highest risk of getting these insects into their home. Symptoms of allergies to dust mites can include dry and itchy eyes, runny nose, sneezing, and other cold-like symptoms. Allergies that abate during the day and return when you come home are a definite sign that something in your home is contributing to your symptoms.

Standard Maintenance

Even if you have no symptoms of allergies and your mattress seems to smell okay, it is a good idea to get your mattress cleaned yearly to avoid any future problems. Mattress cleaning and furniture cleaning are important to maintaining a healthy home. Rentals that get a lot of tenants should be cleaned more often.


Professional Cleaning You Can Trust

A1A Extreme Green can help you with hardwood floor cleaning, tile and grout cleaning, dryer vent cleaning, and mattress cleaning. Contact us for a free estimate. We are dedicated to providing you with the highest quality of cleaning services at a cost you can afford. Our customers know they can depend on us.

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Window Cleaning Services

First impressions matter. When someone first approaches your home or business building, one of the first things they notice is the condition of the exterior. Windows serve as a gateway into your home or business. Like any other part of your property, it is important to clean and maintain your windows as well. Although windows are typically not on the priority list for many, you would be surprised by the amount of benefits clean windows provide. A1A Extreme Green has described to us the benefits a person can take advantage of when having their windows professionally cleaned. After reviewing this list, your perception on cleaning your windows will be changed!


Benefits of Having Your Windows Professionally Cleaned


  1. Preserve the Structure of the Glass

When your window glass begins to collect dirt it will eventually become fragile and start to lose transparency over time. Pigmented spots may also arise during this period, which accommodates for microorganisms’ growth rates. In the end, this will ruin the glass of your window completely and result in you having to spend money on replacing it.


  1. House Heat Efficiency

A little known fact about windows is that they affect the overall temperature of your home or business. Dirt particles that collect on your windows reflect more UV light which prevents the heat from the sun from warming up your home during the winter.


  1. Subconscious Impressions

Any time you have a visitor come to your home or a customer enter your business, the first impression is received by the exterior condition of your building. Whether subliminally or even completely consciously, most people will take notice of the cleanness of the glass when approaching your home or business. In addition, recent studies have proven that properties with clean windows were sold at higher prices than those with similar structure but dirtier windows.


  1. Long-Term Maintenance

Like with many things, it is less expensive to clean and take care of your windows in the short run rather than to pay for the long run restoration expenses. It’s important to hire a professional cleaning company to perform weekly or monthly maintenance on your windows. Micro-scratches and dirt particles have the potential to gradually destroy the glass and result in your having to replace the window.


Get Your Windows Cleaned Today!


With the unexpected weather patterns in South Florida, it is important to stay on top of the cleanliness of your windows. Ensure that the job is done right by hiring the certified technicians over at A1A Extreme Green. They provide some of the best window cleaning services in the entire area! For further questions or inquiries, contact them today at 561-613-3996!

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Water Damage Restoration

Water damage can happen through a variety of circumstances. Mainly, water damage will affect your home after a major flood in your town. Many homeowners do not comprehend the proper steps needed to ensure all the water is removed from their home, and their belongings are left undamaged. After a flood, you will typically have a lot of stuff running through your mind. Questions will occur along the way such as: How long will it take to clean this up? Where will I stay during the time being? Does my homeowner’s insurance even cover the damages?


Now, if you’re ever experiencing this situation then we recommend taking a step back and evaluate the best options possible. When it comes to removing water damage from your home, we recommend hiring a professional water removal and water damage restoration company. A1A Extreme Green serves the South Florida region of the state and provides some of the best water removal and water damage restoration services around!


Why Hire a Water Damage Restoration Company?


  • Safety First

Flood water that enters your home is notorious for carrying various forms of bacteria. To avoid having to do the work yourself and potentially getting yourself extremely sick, hire a water damage restoration company. The professionals know the appropriate steps to remove all the water from your home while at the same time maintaining a healthy immune system!


  • Get Back in Your Home Quicker

If there’s one thing that homeowners hate more than anything, it’s not being able to live in the house that they pay for! It becomes frustrating when you have to worry about finding a place to stay while you’re making payments for your home each month. Hiring a professional water damage company will allow you to get back into your home quicker due to the tools and knowledge they have to quickly restore your home.


  • Guaranteed Total Cleanup

Without having the proper tools or experience needed, attempting to do the restoration work yourself can be a nightmare. It may even lead you to spending more money down the road. Save yourself the hassle, and let the professionals guarantee you a total cleanup and restoration.


  • Avoid More Damages

Instead of spending time trying to figure out how to fix the damages yourself, hire a professional water damage company. Mold and mildew are known for growing quickly, so it doesn’t take long before it’s all over your home. If possible, try to hire these services within 24 hours of the flood.


If you just experienced a flood or have water damage to your home, then get in touch with A1A Extreme Green today. Being located in South Florida, they have had their fair share of handling water damages to just about any type of home. Contact one of their certified technicians today at 561-613-3996, to begin your water damage restoration project today.

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carpet cleaners

Regardless of what they are made from, carpets can harbor bacteria, mold, dust, and pollen. Even if you vacuum regularly, this alone is not enough to keep carpets from carrying heavy loads of allergens. Regular carpet cleaning can help prevent this. Here are some signs that your carpet is causing an allergy problem.

  1. Runny Eyes and Noses

Allergies often mimic the symptoms of a cold. Chronic runny eyes and nose don’t always mean that you have seasonal allergies like so many claim. This is especially true if you spend a lot of time inside and have allergy symptoms.

  1. Carpet Is Older

The older a carpet is, the more time it has to attract and store allergens. If a carpet has not been professionally cleaned in a long time and is older, then it is a prime breeding ground for bacteria and for storing allergens. If you don’t know when the last time your carpet has been cleaned, then it has been way too long.

  1. Symptoms Go Away When You Are Away

If it seems like your home is where you always have symptoms, then your carpet may be the culprit. You may even notice that symptoms decrease when you go to work.

  1. You Have Carpet And Pets

While a pet is great and adds a lot of joy to a family, all the dust and danger that a pet leaves behind means that your carpet can become dirty very quickly.


For those with severe allergies, it may be necessary to remove completely and replace the older carpet. Many people choose a hard surface such as tile, hardwood, or linoleum that can be easily cleaned and doesn’t harbor mites and dust. A1A Extreme Green provides furniture cleaning and carpet cleaning services that can help prevent or eliminate allergy symptoms.

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