Cleaning Your Tile, Protecting Your Health


Tile is such a popular choice in home design because of it’s versatility, elegance, and how easy it is to clean.  However, when you go over your tile with Windex and a paper towel, are you really giving them the deep clean that they need?  Rooms in which tile is traditionally used tend to be moist and damp, which can lead to mold development, which can be a huge health concern.  Having your tiles professionally cleaned by a company that knows what they’re doing is the best way to ensure that your home stays healthy and mold-free.


Certain rooms in homes are more likely to have tile than others.  The two types of rooms that really come to mind when talking about tiling are kitchens and bathrooms, both places that you want to feel are safe and free of mold.  Preparing food in your kitchen can be unsettling if you suspect that mold may be growing on your tile.  If that mold finds its way into your food it can do some serious damage to your system.  Even aspirating mold can do you harm.  In your bathroom, the steam from showers, spillover from the tub, or a dripping sink can all promote the growth of mold and other bacterias.  The heat mixed with the moisture provides a great breeding ground for most types of mold, so look out for mold in your tiling.

What to Look For

The mold that may grow on your tiling is not difficult to spot.  Most of us know what mold looks like when it’s growing on bread or fruit, so naturally we must assume that bathroom mold will look the same, which sometimes it does.  The mold that grows on fruit is typically white and almost fluffy in appearance, like the dead petals of a dandelion.  This is not mold that you would typically see making its way between your tiles.  However, the green mold that we can observe on bread, among other foods, can appear between your tiles.  Black is another potential color for the mold in your bathroom, and it can be the scariest of all.  Black doesn’t often signify something good, and if you notice the appearance of black mold you should call in a professional tile and grout cleaning service to take care of the problem for you quickly and completely.

Don’t downplay the importance of living in a healthy home.  Mold can be a silent killer in many cases, damaging your system without you even knowing it.  Regularly cleaning the tile in your home can prevent the growth of mold or other harmful bacteria that could affect your family and your life.

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