Tips for Cleaning Your Upholstery



Regardless of how careful you are with taking care of the furniture in your home, accidents do happen so you want to be prepared to clean any spills or stains that may arise over time. When anything spills on your upholstery, time is of the essence because you don’t want to give it any time to set. Rather than focusing on cleaning couches that are made with suede and leather, we’re going to focus more on cleaning on furniture covered in common fabrics.

Important Cleaning Tip

Before you apply any type of cleaner to your furniture, you want to make sure you vacuum it to pick up any dust or dirt that you could push further into the fabric. If you don’t vacuum the furniture before cleaning, that dust will begin to build up overtime and create an unattractive stain. Plus, this will help pick up the pet hair that a wash cloth would not which is super beneficial to your allergies.

Dealing With Upholstery Stains

Blot the spill immediately. If the spill is old, there isn’t much you can do about it without using a cleaner, but if it’s new, you want to blot it to soak up any excess liquid that you can. Blotting is the first step in properly removing any stain from essentially anything, regardless of whether it’s clothing or furniture.

Determine what type of cleaning product you need. Figuring out what type of upholstery cleaner will do the job without damaging your furniture is dependent on two things:

  1. The type of spill or stain on the furniture.
  2. The type of fabric that the upholstery is made from.

If your furniture is antique and there is a spill on it, you’ll want to contact a professional to come and clean it since they’ll be able to properly handle the fabric which is most likely warn if it’s older. Therefore it’s far more prone to damages than newer pieces within your home.

Know the upholstery cleaning codes. Before you go out and purchase any type of cleaner, you want to understand the cleaning codes that let you know what types of chemicals (if any) can be used on your furniture. First, you need to find the furniture tag which is huge and should be located under a cushion or on the side. Second, look for the following to determine what cleaning solutions to use:

  • “W” — Your furniture can and should be cleaned with a detergent that is WATER based.
  • “S” — You should use a water free solution like a dry cleaning solvent.
  • “WS” — You’re able to use either water based or non-water based solution to remove stains.
  • “X” — Your upholstery should be professionally cleaned.

Need to Have Your Upholstery Cleaned?

If you do need to have your upholstery cleaned by professionals, contact an experienced cleaning service in your area. If you’re able to clean your furniture by yourself, determine which cleaning solution is best and then follow the cleaning instructions on the back of the bottle.

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