Deadly Oklahoma Tornado Leaves Pieces of Carpet Strewn Everywhere


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The deadly tornado that hit Oklahoma on Monday left shards of carpet, amongst other debris, scattered throughout the local landscape. Officials have given the okay for crews to start going in and cleaning up the area, which is a big step. This means that soon, families will be able to return to their homes-those of them that still have homes to return to.

Some people will be returning to a house that’s completely or partially destroyed, and knowing what to do about your carpet can reduce the chances that you’ll have to replace it entirely. It is much better practice to clean the stains in a carpet before it sets in. As once a stain has set you will find it much harder to remove that may result in the only solution being to replace the carpet depending how long the stain is set in for. Replacing the carpet can get a bit expensive and is truly a last result if you are keeping up with proper carpet cleaning maintenance.

Carpet cleaning maintenance is simple and needed for set in stains such as stains resulting from; your children playing, wine from when you had neighbors over last month, or just because “Rex” the family dog loves the mud. Set in stains are resilient however they are not invincible. When maintaining your carpets cleanliness regularly you may begin to understand just how resilient a set in stain can become.

Whether you are vacuuming everyday or every other day you will find these dingy discolorations in your homes carpet. What is that and where did it come from? To be frank it came from you and your family. It could be form the ink pen you stepped on last month or even a pet stain from a year ago that has been hidden under that living room couch. These stains will withstand anything and everything you through at it. Subsequently that is because you have not yet be made aware of what the secret is to defeating set in stains.

Removing the stain is the process of removing those resilient marks or spots that were left by our loved ones and dinner guests. Some form of solvent is usually used to remove stains from surfaces and fabrics. Fabrics such as your homes carpet may have stains that require more than the usual soap scrub, as the stain may have been allowed to sit there remaining dirty for quit sometime before it becomes noticed. In our case a set in stain means that the stain as literally became chemically bonded to the carpet.
Set-in Stain Removal

To remove a stain we would usually use; laundry detergent, vinegar or baking soda with a scrubby of some kind. Except with a set in stain you will require a few extra steps that will allow the removal of these resilient stains. The secret is nothing more than simply being patient.

First off we will leave the stain on our carpet saturated in vinegar for about 10 minutes. At that time you will rub a mixture of vinegar and baking soda on to the stain. If by some miracle the stain persists, then mix together some vinegar and laundry detergent and let it sit on the carpet stain over night. All you have to really do is just use the same tools that anyone would normally use for stain removal, except you just need to add a dash of patients.

Whether you are faced with an emergency situation, or just want to ensure that you know how to take care of your carpet, we hope these carpet cleaning tips help make your life a little easier.

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