Dealing With Mold Growth In South Florida


For Florida residents, humidity is no stranger, but we try to stay away from getting to know mold growth within our homes. Whether it’s the humidity or excess water from a typical south Florida rainfall, there are ample opportunities for mold spores to form. While mold can be unavoidable – even in new homes – it’s important to get a mold inspection by professionals who can remove and prevent it from growing in the future.

Mold Prevention

This is a representation of what one would look like if they wait till the last minute to check for mold growth.

Is Mold Affecting My Home’s Value?

  • One of the biggest hits you can take from mold growth is it decreasing the overall value of your home – especially if it’s not treated properly. The best thing you could do when it comes to keeping the value of your home high is to hire mold removal specialists and have them come check your home on a regular basis. If you wait until you begin negotiations for selling your home, then you may end up with a long fix-it list that can set you back money and value.

Should I Be Concerned?

  • If the mold in your home is visible and extensive, you’re putting yourself and your family’s health at risk. Over a period of time, you’ll begin to develop respiratory problems, and severe allergies. Therefore, it’s crucial to get the mold spores removed by professionals that can prevent it from happening again. If you let the mold rest in place, it will not only spread, but it will damage the structure of your home, especially if your home is in a climate that influences mold growth.

Where Would I Find Mold?

  • Mold is unfortunately multi-dimensional. Whether it grows inside or outside, one thing is for sure – it can become a burden to deal with. If mold is growing inside your home, it found its way in through doorways, windows, and your air conditioning system. Mold’s ideal place to grow are warm, and damp conditions – which is why many people often find themselves removing mold from their bathrooms.

The best thing you could do when it comes to monitoring your home for mold growth is just looking around on a daily basis and don’t remain oblivious to something so common. If your home has a moisture problem, a pipe is leaking, there was heavy rainfall, then call mold removal specialists in your area that can help you, and your home out.

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