Knowing When to Install New Carpeting



Regardless of how well you’ve maintained your carpet over the years, that carpet will get old and need to be replaced sooner or later. There are some obvious warning signs for when your carpeting should be replaced, but there are definitely some subtle ones as well. As professional carpet cleaners, we’ve seen our fair share of warn down carpeting, and although getting your carpets professionally cleaned on occasion does benefit the lifespan, sometimes it’s just too late.

Now with that being said, let’s look at some of the warning signs that may hint it’s time to get new carpeting installed.

4 Signs that it is Time for New Carpeting

  1. You have stains that penetrated deeper than the carpeting. Professional carpet cleaners (like us) can get rid of relatively deep stains, but if the stain has gone all the way through the carpeting, then that’s something we can’t even fix. To avoid stains like this you need to act fast once the spill happens, by letting it sit, you’re giving it more time to penetrate further into the carpet fibers.
  2. Obvious wear a tear. If your carpeting is worn down, matted, and ripped to the point where you have to move furniture to try covering it up? Then it may be time to get some new carpeting. If the wear is in a relatively small area, you can simply repair that portion, but if it’s a larger area, you may need to replace the entire area.
  3. If you notice and increase in allergy symptoms, it could be because your carpeting is too old and had collected too many particulates over the years.
  4. Worn down carpet padding is also another indication that it may be time to install new carpeting in your home. When you get your carpet cleaned, the carpet padding is left untouched, therefore it absorbs a lot of junk overtime and needs to replaced just like the actual carpeting does. You want to make sure you have good carpet padding because it helps reduce the noise in your home. One way to tell if you need new carpet padding is if you see unevenness or wrinkles in the carpet, or it’ll crackle when someone walks over the affected area.
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If you want to extend the life of your carpeting, you should really consider having it professionally cleaned every few months. However, even with professional cleaning, you should replace your carpeting every 10 years. If you live in or near Boca Raton, Florida and are looking for a reliable carpet cleaning company, contact us at A1A Extreme Green.

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