You Know You Need Your Dryer Vent Cleaned When…


Have you ever wondered what a good tip off is that you need your dryer vent cleaned? Here’s a few!

You Need Your Dryer Vent Cleaned When…

1. Your House is on Fire

If your home is engulfed in a fiery hellscape and you don’t know why, it might be because your dryer vent needs to be cleaned. About 3,000 residential fires occur annually. Of these 3,000 fires, 34% are caused by people who have not had dryer vent cleaning services. Here’s the deal with dryer vents…they get clogged with lint and dust. Lint and dust have a reputation for being highly flammable. When your vent is clogged, hot moist air cannot escape the vent properly, causing the dryer to overheat. An overheated dryer is a recipe for disaster. While a house on fire is a great wakeup call to have your dryer vents cleaned, let’s look at some less life-threatening warning signs.


Don’t let it get this far

2. Your Loads are Taking Forever to Dry

An average dry cycle should not take more than 40 minutes to complete. If your clothes are taking longer than that to dry, your dryer has some explaining to do. Not only is it inconvenient to have to wait that long for a load of clothes to dry, it’s really bad for your dryer. A clothes dryer is one of the most expensive home appliances to operate. The longer it’s running, the more wear and tear it’s going through, cutting the lifespan of the machine. A clogged dryer vent can increase drying time up to three times the norm, meaning you’re using the energy it takes to dry 3 loads of clothes on one load.

3. The Outside of Your Dryer Feels Like Molten Lava

Much like a door with a fire on the other side of it, a clogged dryer vent will make your dryer feel very hot to the touch. Don’t ignore this. Don’t use your dryer again once you notice this. What’s going on here is that your dryer vent is not exhausting hot air the way it’s supposed to…because you haven’t cleaned your vent! The hot, moist air is getting trapped in that poor dryer, overheating the poor thing. Your clothes aren’t drying because of said moist air. So if you open your dryer after doing a load and your hand is scorched, I invite you to get your vent cleaned.

4. There’s White Fluffy Stuff on the Outside of the Vent

Those white fluffy clouds on the outside of your dryer vent? That’s just highly combustible lint and dust. If that stuff is on the outside that means the inside of your dryer vent is overflowing with the stuff. Your dryer should never get to this point. That’s an accident waiting to happen.


It doesn’t have to be this way

If any of these signs are popping up in your laundry room, it’s time to clean that vent. It’s for your own safety. Dryer vent cleaning services are available to you! A1A Extreme Green Cleaning is here for you, and we provide lots of additional cleaning services in Boca Raton too! Call us at (561) 613-3996 or visit

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