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Green Carpet CleaningAs it turns out, a lot of us do not like to use stain guard on any of our furniture do to the fact that many of the leading brands are bad for the environment and atmosphere. In turn, if it is bad for our environment and atmosphere it is bad for us and our family’s right?

However, nobody is perfect and as the months and years go by we use our furniture more and more causing wear and the inevitable stains we dread so much. Without stain guarding, this calls for more intuitive methods for keeping our upholstered furniture clean without causing harm over time to our environment or families. Fortunately there are environmentally friendly, non-toxic methods for cleaning our upholstered furniture that even remove some stains.

First of all, one of the best methods that I’ve found for general cleaning of upholstery is to vacuum weekly. This may seem basic or even rudimentary to mention but it must be said. For couches and chairs be sure to fully vacuum the cushions with a brush to remove tough dirt. Also make sure to vacuum all dirt and particles that accrue under seat cushions as this can eventually damage the fabric. Curtains and other upholstered furniture I like to use a brush head accessory on my vacuum to fully remove dirt and dust while not causing damage to the upholstery. Vacuum hoses can stretch the fabric out and cause severe damage to the quality over time.

When it comes time to wash or shampoo the upholstery I use a very simple method that is very efficient. I use equal parts liquid detergent and water whipped up into a foam with a hand mixer. It is easy to work with and really does a great job. It is important here to note that you should never use laundry detergent when washing upholstery.

Liquid detergent works much better to remove dirt and stains without causing damage to upholstery. Be sure to really scrub into the stain if you are using a rag or sponge if you are using a brush make sure the bristles are soft to avoid damaging the textiles.

If you are washing an upholstered slip cover you may submerge the cover in a sink full of a gallon of water with liquid detergent. In this scenario I just get my hands dirty and squeeze the soapy water in and out of the slip cover being sure to get it fully saturated in the soapy water. Rinse thoroughly being sure that no soap is left in the slip cover that may cause damage and hang dry never put upholstery into a dryer as this can damage the fabric and cause it to lose its shape.

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