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Carpet Cleaners Tell The Story:

Carpets and upholstery have been an implication of human creativity and ingenuity for thousands of years. Archaeologists have uncovered evidence of blankets, carpets, and otherwise in the ancient ruins in Babylon and Jericho. Back then, carpets and upholstery was hung on the walls of homes to signify class and rank in society. Similarly, thousands of years later people in America and the greater part of Europe were adorning their walls with upholstery as a display of affluence.

Although carpentry and upholstery has been evident discovered across the world being reinvented time and time again, there is no evidence of a written documentation on carpeting cleaning procedures until the 19th century. Although many ancient civilizations like the Egyptians and Sumerians had writing forms, it wasn’t until the free thinking Greeks that written word was utilized for other uses besides statistical data, receipts, or mathematical equations. This is probably due to a lack of necessary materials needed for writing.

As previously mentioned, the first documented procedure for carpet cleaning was created in the 19th century. During Extreme Carpet Cleaningthese times, people typically protected their carpets from wear with druggets, coarse wool rugs that were placed under tables, couches, etc. to prevent wear and provide protection against spills or sun damage. As I’m sure you are aware, this is still being implicated today however the styles or fabrics of rugs utilized are many and varied. The method of carpet cleaning that was utilized back then was to beat the carpet with a broom in order to release the dirt and dust that has been collected.

Obviously this did absolutely nothing for stains. During this time, housewives wrote down their methods for removing stains from their carpets and upholstery. We all know what leaves the worst stains, wine, ink, blood, grass, and grease to name just a few (I’m sure you can be more creative). Typically, procedures for stain removal would involve rubbing the stain with a lemon wedge and then rinsed with either cold or warm water, depending on what stained the carpet.

By the 1880’s there were highly sophisticated manuals on carpet cleaning being published that demonstrated which type of broom was best for sweeping your carpets with (typically straw). There was even a proven method for stain removal published in the 1880’s that called for mixing water and bull’s gall. Of course, it must be mentioned that in 1860 the first vacuum cleaner was invented, utilizing a bellows for suction. However, it wasn’t until the turn of the century that the electric vacuum cleaner was invented and changed everything.

With the revolution of electricity came the electric vacuum cleaner and cleaning household carpets and upholstery changed forever. Throughout the 20th century, the vacuum cleaner evolved and was refined and the end of World War II declared the beginning of modern carpet cleaning. During this time, chemicals and shampooing was included in carpet cleaning procedures. Today, the same procedures are enacted by professional carpet cleaners however with much more advanced technology and understanding of the necessary procedures as a whole.

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