Fire Sprinkler Systems Buddy Up With Water Damage


Whenever a fire unleashes its wrath within an apartment, the immediate reaction is to pull a fire alarm because this is not just your house we are talking about (plus, it’s the safer thing to do). However, once the alarm is pulled, your apartment immediately turns into a water park and the unforeseen damages are a headache that Advil cannot even fix. While you were just trying to cook a nice dinner, or maybe set a small piece of paper on fire in attempts to light a candle who’s wick was too far out of reach, one thing is certain as a result; required restoration for the water damage.

Water Damage Restoration Boca Raton

Even if the fire did not do anything to your home, it is the water that put out the fire that is now causing you all your financial pain. Hopefully you have renters insurance to cover a majority of the damages, but when it comes to the restoration process and water extraction, let your complex do their thing because this is something that they need to be prepared for, because let’s face it, not everyone is a culinary genius.

While you might as well just look for a new apartment, if you decide to stick with the old one, prepare for the water extraction process that will soon unfold. Although they will not let you stay in the apartment during the extraction, it is important upon your return that you keep your eyes open for any other possible damages. The most important part of water extraction is to get rid of any potential mold growth that can prove to be harmful to your health. So, if you choose to be Rachael Ray in the kitchen or not, make sure to keep the flames to a minimum, because it will end up being the sprinkler systems that cause more damage than the extinguished flames.

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