What Good Is Pressure Washing?


When it comes to your home, you want to keep it clean.  You want the simplest, safest, and cheapest options for keeping your home in great shape.  Pressure washing is a great option for cleaning areas like the outside of your home, the concrete in front of your home, or your driveway.  However, not everyone can afford to own a pressure washer themselves, which is why we at A1A Extreme Green offer our own pressure washing services.  For a nominal fee, you can make the outside of your home look brand new again.

How Does It Work?

A pressure washer works by way of a small gasoline engine that runs a high-pressure water pump and hose.  A pressure washer works very similarly to a common garden hose, but with a lot of additional pressure and speed. 

Things To Look Out For

Pressure washers are incredibly powerful, which is great when we want them to be, but not so great when we don’t.  Pressure washers shouldn’t be used inside your home, as the extreme pressure could end up damaging items within it.  Additionally, when using a pressure washer you have to make sure that the water source it’s drawing from is adequate given the amount of water that your pressure washer will use.  Running a pressure washer without the proper amount of water to feed through it can result in something called cavitation, which will damage the pump and other parts of your pressure washer.


Pressure washers pack a big punch, so they should only be used on things that need an extreme cleaning.  The outside of your home is subject to the elements, meaning it can take quite a beating.  Mud, dirt, grime, and debris can all build up on the outside of your home, and they can be easily removed with a pressure washer.  Cleaning your vehicle is another perfect time to hire a professional pressure washing service.  Your vehicle is an extension of yourself and it says a lot about you.  Driving around in a car covered in mud and bird poop doesn’t convey the sense that you’re a powerful and important person.  Stay sharp, and clean your vehicle with professional pressure washing services.

Pressure washing, with all of its intensity, can be daunting for some people considering home cleaning solutions.  Fear not, for pressure washing does a lot more good than harm.  Find out about pressure washing today by contacting A1A Extreme Green!

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