Homemade Tile Cleaners – Tips


Why Call a Tile Cleaner in Boca or Deerfield, you can DIY!!

As it turns out, there are actually many reasons why someone would use a homemade tile cleaner. Some of us don’t have enough money to keep buying new, expensive cleaners every time we need to clean our tiles while some of us are just thrifty. At the same time, there are those of us who know that home-brewed tile cleaners are actually more powerful than some of the leading brands available; and they are easy and inexpensive to make. Throughout this article we will discuss a few different homemade tile cleaners that have risen to fame in Deerfield and Boca Raton.

Some of the best Deerfield tile cleaners have their ingredients listed on the internet. People do not feel as though they have to keep their homemade tile cleaner recipes a secret anymore besides we are living in a highly advanced technological era where information is just a button click away, but I digress. Some tile cleaners are more powerful than others; these tend to be harmful to some surfaces like marble or travertine tile. Bleach and acids usually tend to be the culprits for damage to these surfaces. Always use caution when using homemade tile cleaners and make sure that the ingredients will not damage your tiles. A typical all-purpose homemade cleaner is equal parts water and vinegar, plain and simple. Be careful though, vinegar can cause damage to your grout over time so do not let it set for very long by rinsing the vinegar and water concoction away with pure water.

Tile & Grout Boca RatonThis next recipe is much stronger and should only be used sparingly and not every time you clean your floors. The recipe calls for 1 gallon of hot water, 1 cup baking soda, 1 cup ammonia and ¾ cup of white vinegar. Stir all of the ingredients in a bowl until it has dissolved into one mixture. Pour the mixture into a spray bottle and spray the cleaner on your tiles from at least three feet away in order to get a decent spray.

Next you will want to op the floor with a gallon of warm water and a ¼ cup of white vinegar. Be sure to work one area at a time because you don’t want this cleaner to set as it may cause damage to your tiles or grout. A less powerful method, and more natural, is to utilize lemon or lime juice mixed with a little water. Anyway you choose to clean your floors with a homemade cleaner you can always use essential oils to get a fresh scent when you clean your floors. Essential oils, especially when slightly heated, have a wonderful fragrance as well as anti-microbial properties too.

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