The Importance of Hiring Natural Boca Raton Carpet Cleaners


Green Carpet Cleaning Problems

When you are cleaning your own carpets, it’s important to take into consideration your own health as well as the health of your children and your pets. Most chemical carpet cleaners contain toxins that are harmful, so it’s important that you always use an eco-friendly, natural carpet cleaner.

Spot removers are particularly harmful, as the ingredients tend to be more potent than those of a typical carpet cleaner. The reason the chemicals are so strong us because they were designed to penetrate through and break down dirt artificially rather than naturally. Green Carpet Cleaning Products take advantage of the naturally occurring elements that can be used to break down dirt and other bacteria causing agents.

Natural (Green) Boca Raton Carpet Cleaning Services

Because pets and children are often low to the ground, they are more likely to be affected if you are not keeping your carpet clean. Besides yearly professional cleanings, you should have a natural commercial cleaning product at your disposal.

Many popular cleaning products have been changed to become organic. The main ingredient in 3M’s preferred Scotchgard line of products, perfluoro-octane sulfonate ( PFOS ), was once portrayed as chemically inert, but new studies show that it is a constant organic pollutant ( POP ). Fabric and carpet stain repellents or “guards” may contain plastics and other potentially hazardous ingredients. In spite of sufficient evidence of PFOS’s endurance, 3M kept it on the marketplace for forty years. PFOS, a suspected hormone disruptor, accumulates in the environment and the tissue of animals and humans. The safety of another perfluorinated compound, perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA), the main ingredient in Teflon, which is used to coat nonstick pans and in fabric protectors, is currently under investigation. In spring Two thousand, 3M announced it might withdraw PFOS products by the year 2002.

During application and while drying, the chemicals in carpet cleaners and protectors evaporate and may concentrate in the air, causing indoor air pollution. Indoor air pollution could cause headaches, irritation to eyes, nose and lungs, asthma attacks, congestion, sneezing, coughing, fatigue, queasiness and other symptoms. This is much more likely if the room isn’t well ventilated, the weather is hot and wet or the room is damp. This can be particularly harmful to pets and children.

If you notice that your child or pet is suffering from sudden asthma, congestion or eye irritation consult with a doctor or veterinarian immediately and reevaluate your carpet cleaning methods. Indoor air pollution is one of the main contributors to preventable sicknesses within the home and can be easily avoided with the proper carpet cleaning methods.

If you have any questions about keeping your carpet clean for your pets or children please contact A1A Extreme Green Carpet Cleaning to speak to one of our team members.

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