Kansas Flooding Causes $2.5 Million In Damages


Water Damage RestorationFlash flooding in Lindsborg, Kansas has affected an estimated 125 homes which will total around $2.5 million in damages, a city official commented upon completing the door-to-door assessments. The assessments, which are protocol, were taken one day after the flooding that forced evacuation of several central Kansas homes.  This flood reached up to five feet of water according to Greg DuMars, the City Administrator.

$2.5 million to salvage homes

DuMars explained that this part of the state has never suffered from flooding this severe. “We had water coming in from directions that had never been anticipated,” he explained. Emergency crews were forced to use boats to evacuate a majority of residents while the Red Cross set up a shelter, even though DuMars explained a majority of those affected chose to stay with family or friends.

Flood Damage

Emergency personnel on scene

The damages to the neighboring colleges were not too severe, besides a gym floor that will need to be replaced from the water damage. While many of the city officials were claiming the area was suffering from a drought, they have already begun ripping out the carpets and walls that suffered from water damage. DuMars fears that they will suffer some more water issues throughout the weekend as the forecast is showing rain storms across the area.

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