Keeping The Humidity Levels Down In Your Home


In south Florida, we’re no strangers to the heat and high humidity that the summer months bring, especially this summer. With temperatures reaching up to 100 degrees, the humidity only makes it feel hotter outside, which is why it’s important to keep the humidity levels down within your home. When your home is too humid, you’re putting yourself at risk for mold growth – especially within the bathrooms after anyone takes a warmer shower or bath.

Problems Humidity Causes

While the mold growth is the more obvious out of the issues humidity can cause your home, it can also create discomfort for you. When it’s too humid, your body cannot properly sweat – which shuts down your internal cooling system, making it feel far hotter than it actually is. Other problems that it can cause involve it triggering your allergies, irritate your nose, eyes, and throat, and it can also cause asthma attacks.

Controlling Your Humidity Levels

In order to prevent mold growth, we advise that you keep your humidity levels below 55 percent (35 to 45 percent is ideal) in all the rooms. If you kitchen ends up getting more humid while you’re cooking, don’t worry in that regard because mold takes 24 to 48 hours of “elevated” moisture to grow.

We’re well aware that keeping the humidity levels down in your bathroom area can also be difficult to do, and overtime, that difficult mildew begins to build up. So, if you’re concerned with how much airflow your bathroom is getting, you can always invest in a dehumidifier, but if that’s too much, it could benefit from an open window, or an exhaust fan to suck up some of the moisture.

What If I Have Mold Growth, Already?

Well, if you already have mold growing within your home from excess humidity on these hot Florida days, contact a mold removal specialist in your area. If you’re within the Palm Beach County area, A1A Extreme Green can remove the mold and prevent any future growth.

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