Keeping Your Shower Clean And Mildew Free


Keeping your shower clean is no easy task – especially if your shower is its own unit rather than attached to the bathtub. Showers with grout and tile flooring often collect mildew that can be difficult to remove, especially as it builds up over time. However, we’ve compiled a list of quick cleaning tips to help you keep that shower mold and mildew free.

3 Easy Cleans For Your Shower

Whenever you do a deep clean in any area of your home, it’s important to look for solutions that are not as corrosive as some other cleaning products such as bleach. While we have a few tips, there are plenty more out there from deep cleaning experts just like us at A1A Extreme Green. So, with that being said, let’s get into our quick clean shower tips.

Have a dirty shower head? We’ve found that if you take a plastic bag, fill it with vinegar, and then secure it around the shower head with a rubber band – it’ll be clean by the next morning, and you don’t even need to do any scrubbing.

Have a build-up of soap scum? Obviously, the best solution for this is to wipe down your shower walls after every shower you take, but that’s tedious. If you take paper towels, dip them in vinegar, and then line them on the shower walls, it should break up the soap scum in about 30 minutes – then just rinse the walls off to get rid of the vinegar smell.

Feel like you can’t prevent mildew and mold growth in your shower? Of course, mold and mildew in the shower are a pain to remove and prevent from returning, but there are some solutions. Running your bathroom fan regularly is the best bet – especially if you take a hot shower, let it run for about an hour after you turn the water off. If water is in the air for 48 consistent hours, mold will begin to grow, and that’s when the battle begins. So, you just want to keep the room as dry as possible when you’re not using it.

In the event that you feel really giving your shower a good, deep clean is something you won’t be able to achieve, then contact mold removal specialists in your area who can remove it as well as prevent future growth.

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