Pipe Bursts Inside New Mexico City Hall


Need Water ExtractionIt was in Clovis, New Mexico, when a pipe burst inside a city hall building leaving behind a massive trail of damage to the interior. According to a local news station, most of the water has been removed or filtered out, but the hired carpet tech team has been working endlessly to get the building back to being functional. They have been ripping up carpets, situating the fans and replacing a majority of the wall panels.

“When I got here, I noticed there was water running out of the back door of the building and I figured that was probably not a good sign,” said Clovis City Manager, Joe Thomas. The leak came from the buildings central water line that has not been replaced in 50 years, since the building was officially declared functional. The water was running through the hallways at about three inches deep, and Thomas realized they needed more than mops and squeegees.

The fire department cut the water to the building upon their arrival and it will not be turned on until the pipe is replaced which is causing problems for the people who are still working in the building. According to Thomas, the building will still be under construction for the next two weeks, but the water will be restored before the construction is complete stating that it is their first priority.

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