Preparing For The 2014 Hurricane Season


Hurricane Season 2014

It’s that time of year again in South Florida, where we start habitually watching the weather channel hoping that a hurricane doesn’t head our way. For those who have suffered through a grueling hurricane season, the damage they can cause is incredible and devastating. Lucky for us Floridians, our hurricane season begins this upcoming Sunday.

According to weather predictions for this hurricane season, it could end up being relatively quiet, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t all take our standard precautions. Remember, the biggest threat of long term damage from hurricanes is flooding, because along with water damage also comes the growth of mold spores within the first 72 hours (the humidity doesn’t help the situation).

If you’re new to Florida, the American Red Cross provides hurricane safety tips, but keep in mind that in the event the hurricane is a high category, you want to get in your car and get on the hurricane evacuation route.

Hurricane Warnings In Florida

  • Hurricane evacuation is issued within 48 hours of landfall – if necessary.
  • Be ready to act if a warning is issued.
  • In the event of a mandatory evacuation, people are alerted within 36 hours.

Now, if the hurricane turns into a tropical depression – it’s basically just an aggressive storm that with throw large palms in the road. However, our big tip is to invest in some sandbags, especially if your property is below sea level or near the coastline. If you live in an apartment, hurricane shutters are highly recommended.

If your home suffers from any type of water damage during this upcoming hurricane season, A1A Extreme Green can not only assist with the water damage and removal, but also proper mold removal to keep your home clean and safe for your health.

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