How To Prevent Mold Growth In Your Home


No one ever wants to find mold growing in their home, and the unfortunate thing is there is no way to remove mold spores from the air entirely, but there are ways to prevent them from landing in your home. ┬áIf your home does succumb to mold growth, but it’s not severe, there are ways you can clean it up yourself rather than invest in mold removal specialists, but if it gets to the point where there are damages from the growth, then you want to make that call.

We’ve compiled a list of mold prevention tips for your home so before it gets critical, you can get a handle on the situation properly.

Identify The Problem Areas

The most common areas in your home for mold growth are around the door frames, and within the bathroom area. If you have issues with your sewer system, you may even fun into excess water issues in your basement, but regardless of the area, you need to identify the problem. If your home has succumbed to structural damages from mold growth, then the issue may be coming from a leak in your roof.

Dry Up Any Excess Water

In South Florida, water damage to any home is more common than one would assume. From the strong summer rain storms to hurricane season, preparing for any type of flooding and water damage is necessary. So, if there is a rain storm, or even if you have a pipe that leaked, you want to dry up any and all excess water that is just sitting there. It only takes 48 hours of consistent moisture for mold spores to being to form so; you want to get a handle on the situation immediately.

Make Sure You Have Proper Ventilation

This is one of the easiest ways for mold to begin to grow in your home. Regardless whether you’re cooking, taking a hot shower, or doing a load of laundry, you want to make sure all the steam is being properly ventilated. Making sure your AC filter is clean, and investing in a dehumidifier would be the easiest way to go, but even the most energy efficient home can capture unwanted moisture so, even if you’re cooking or taking a shower, open up a window to get some air flow to guarantee dryness.

If your home in Palm Beach or Broward County is suffering from mold growth that is beyond your control at this point, contact us at A1A Extreme Green and we’ll get your home cleaned up and prevent future growth.

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