Price Sheet

Carpet Cleaning

Room pricing (Wall to Wall)

Minimum Charge 79-150

Nylon 30-40

Polyester 35-45

Berber 40-50

Wall to Wall Wool 50-75

Square Foot (Wall to Wall)

Nylon 0.30-0.50 sq ft

Polyester 0.40 sq ft

Berber 0.40 sq ft

Wool 0.50-1.00

Trashed traffic patterns- 0.15 extra sq ft

CGD (Commercial) 0.10-0.30 cents sq ft

Urine Treatment

25 per Water Claw

100 per hour


1/2 price cleaning for room prices

0.15 sq ft


1/2 price cleaning for room prices

0.15 sq ft


Carpet Repair

Stretch per room 50.00-75.00 per room, min 3 rooms

Seam-85-125 depending on size




Color stain removals/Reds/Var­nish/Etc



Dryer Vent Cleaning

Short Run- 55 Long Run 75-150




Sectional 120-200


Love Seat-80-100



Microfiber Sectional-150-250

Microfiber Sofa-125-175

Microfiber L/Seat-100-125

Microfiber chair-65-79

Microfiber Ottoman-25-30

Protecter-1/2 price cleaning

Deodorizer-1/2 price cleaning

Urine Treatment-same as cleaning price


Hardwood Floors

Clean and seal (pad scrub and refinish)

1.00 sq/ft for water based

2.00 sq/ft for solvent

Leather Cleaning

3.00 linear ft



Single (Twin) 50

Double 60

Queen 75

King 100

Protector 25

Deodorizer 25 Anti-Microbial/Allergy Relief 1/2 price cleaning


Natural stone

Cleaning alone 1.00-2.00 sq ft

Polish-1.75 for 1st pad and 0.75 per pad thereafter

Clean with polish 0.75


Pressure Washing

1 Story House-150-300

2nd Story House-200-400

Deck-0.50-0.65 sq ft

Driveway-100-200 (based on typical 1200 sq ft)



Synthetic 25.00-50.00 each depending on size

Wool 1.50-2.50 per sq. ft on location 2.50- 5.00 per sq. ft (includes pick up, delivery and pit clean especially for urine restoration)


1/2 price cleaning for room prices.

0.15 cents for sq ft prices.

Urine Treatment

25 per Water Claw

100 per hour


1/2 price cleaning

0.15 cents sq ft prices


Tile & Grout

Cleaning/Up to 100 Sq ft- 2.00 sq ft

Cleaning/100 Sq ft plus- 1.00 sq ft

Clear seal- 1/2 price of cleaning

Colorseal/Up to 100sq ft- 2.00 sq ft

Colorseal/100 Sq ft plus- 1.00-1.50 sq ft (Above cleaning price)



Clean/Scrub/Recoat 0.25 cents sq ft

Strip/Wax 0.40 cents sq ft


Water Damage Basics*

Emergency Fee 95

Evaluation fee 95

Extraction per Hour-75-100

Dehu-75-100 per day

Air Mover 25 per day

*Most follow Xactimate but some follow their own pricing.


Window Cleaning

Residential-25-50 per hour

Residential-7-10.00 per window

Commercial-3.00-5.00 per pane

A1A Extreme Green Cleaning

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