The Rotovac 360: The Latest in Carpet Cleaning Technology


A1A Extreme Green Cleaning we’re always looking for the latest and best technology for cleaning our customers’ carpets. Why? This is because we find that the best way to meet new clients and to keep previous clients is by offering the best in carpet cleaning technology the world has to offer. Along with our efficient cleaning strategies we ensure the utmost quality customer satisfaction and lowest prices. Who could describe a better business strategy than that? In order to keep our ever growing clientele happy we are constantly on the lookout for new equipment and strategies for efficient carpet cleaning. As the market stands today, there is no better commercial grade carpet and tile steam cleaner than the Rotovac 360 or Rotovac 360i.

Boca Raton Carpet Cleaning ToolWhat you will just about every other carpet cleaner use are those old manual wand style cleaners that really look like antique vacuums from the 50’s. In fact this style of pressurized steam cleaner has been in use for over 40 years! It is unfathomable that this is still the prominent device for commercial carpet cleaners when you consider all of the technological advancements we have had over the last 40 years.

In fact, it was just twenty years ago that we needed to have a backpack to carry the battery for our cellular telephones and now we complain when a webpage takes more than 10 seconds to load or is incompatible with our smart phones. Why aren’t other carpet cleaning companies jumped on board with the Rotovac 360? Well it certainly is cheaper to buy a traditional manual wand style cleaner plus many carpet cleaners in Boca Raton feel successful if they can make it through the year.

Carpet Cleaning Technology

The Rotovac 360 is truly the best carpet and tile cleaner the world over. The key to the Rotovac 360’s success lies in the method in which it steam cleans your carpets. In fact, the Rotovac 360 performs a better job while requiring less effort than manual wands. It utilizes 3 spray jets that will spin in a circle removing dirt and stains with ease. For cleaning tiles, mounting the tile and grout cleaning head will scrub your tiles and grout extra clean while vacuuming the water up at the same time leaving minimal time needed for drying. A1A Extreme Green Cleaning is proud to use the Rotovac 360, offering the best and most efficient ways possible for cleaning your carpets. We know how frustrating the process can be, that’s why we are here using the best technology possible, just another step in ensuring that cleaning your carpets is that much easier on you.

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