How Often Should I Get My Shower Tile And Grout Cleaned?


tile and grout cleaning

There are many factors that determine how often you need to have your shower tile and grout cleaned. Here are some of the questions that must be answered.

Is My Shower High Use?

If your shower gets used a lot, then it is going to need to be cleaned more often. Those of us that are sharing a bathroom with several other family members have likely noticed how quickly the shower starts looking dingy or even having black mold on it.  Having kids and pets can increase how often you’ll need a tile and grout cleaning.

Is There Visible Evidence Of Mold?

Discoloration and grime on grout and other surfaces are signs that your shower needs a deep cleaning. Grout can be hard and time-consuming to clean on your own after it reaches a certain level of discoloration. The professionals at A1A Extreme Green offer tile and grout cleaning services that will get your bathroom looking like new in no time at all. Mold that is allowed to grow can cause allergies and other health issues so eliminating it is important to the overall health and well-being of your household.

Rental Properties

If you own rental units, it is important to get tile and grout cleaned professionally between tenants. A rental unit that has been well maintained and is clean will bring a higher income for you than one that has not been maintained as well.

Seasonal Cleaning

You might find that at the end of a summer your shower needs cleaning. During the warmer months, people perspire more, and the conditions are right for mold to grow more rapidly in a shower. Summer sports and outdoor activities lead to more frequent shower use.  Professional cleaning at the end of summer can go a long way towards a cleaner and more attractive bathroom.

Deep Cleaning

Older tile and grout that have been neglected often presents too large a project for a homeowner to take on themselves. A deep and professional cleaning of tile and grout may make you change your mind about replacement or expensive renovations. Sometimes there is some very beautiful tile and grout work that is hidden from you. If you have just purchased a new home that needs some TLC, then professional grout and tile cleaning can help you get your new home in better condition with ease.

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