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Carpet Cleaning Boca RatonLet’s face it, tiles and grout are some of the hardest surfaces to get clean, requiring the toughest cleaning products known to man. An old wife would tell you that all it requires is a little elbow grease and this is partly true. The products that don’t require any scrubbing, that is to say, products that require you to “leave in and rinse away” are products that bleach out the surfaces. This may leave your tiles discolored or make your grout soggy and come loose, leaving big, ugly and discolored scars in your grout.

Products that require some scrubbing, however minimal, will be better than the rest almost every time. Not every product is perfect for every task and surface so we’ll thoroughly go over everything that needs to be known when cleaning your tiles and grout yourself.

typically, the tiles and grout that need to be regularly cleaned the most are bathroom tiles and grout. This is due to the fact that water and dirt are constantly being spread about your tiles and grout, leaving behind mold, mildew, calcium, and rust stains. A regular weekly scrubbing will prevent any deep stains from forming. It is much easier to do a light cleaning weekly than doing a monthly deep cleaning. There are a number of products currently available that specialize in cleaning bathroom tiles and grout specifically. The best all-around bathroom tile and grout cleaner that I personally recommend is Tilex.

Tilex is great for removing calcium, mildew, mold, and general dirt. Tilex will also seep into grout, killing the notoriously deep roots of mold, preventing any mold from potentially growing back. However, oftentimes mold will build up to large colonies and requires more work to remove. Before applying any Tilex, try spraying the mold colonies with a light bleach spray and then rinsing the bleach water away. The bleach will kill the mold and if you wait a few minutes after rinsing the bleach away, you will notice that it has discolored and lost it’s previous shape. Take a damp cloth and rub away any mold that is left built up on your grout and all that will be left is the roots of the mold. Doing so, allows the Tilex to work harder and remove all mold more thoroughly.

Floor tiles can be a different story than with bathroom tiles. Almost all bathroom tiles are ceramic, whereas floor tiles come in a large variety of materials. Ceramic floor tiles can be cleaned in the same manner and with the same products as bathroom tiles and grout, just double check that you have enough cleaner for the job as bathroom cleaner products typically come in small bottles. That being said, generally the easiest floor tiles to clean are vinyl tiles.

Vinyl tiles are completely flat with virtually no grout to clean. Any generic floor cleaner should work amicably for cleaning vinyl floors, just check and make sure that vinyl is a listed material that the product cleans. Other surfaces, like wood, require much more attention and tediousness when purchasing cleaning products and performing the cleaning. Most cleaning products will do their job by soaking into the material to be cleaned, and then rinsed away. This is unfavorable for wood since this may actually damage the wood, causing it to warp. Another thing to be aware of is the power of the cleaner it’s self. Too powerful of a cleaner can actually remove the protective coating of the wood, potentially causing tremendous harm to your floors. Contact your local hardware store to find out which product is best for your cleaning needs. Be sure to follow the directions exactly as the product dictates, as misuse can cause great harm to your floors or furniture.

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