Tips For Cleaning Your Tile Floors


a1aIf you’re open of the lucky homeowners to have tile floors, whether it is in the bathroom, kitchen or hallways, cleaning them can be a serious hassle. The amount of scrubbing not only puts some serious strain on your back, but also your knees if you’re not the mopping kind. So, while it may be a good idea to do some quick cleaning on your own before hiring a tile cleaning company – there are better ways to do it than what you may have been doing.

There are two main things you can do to ensure your tile floors look cleaner, longer, but the first step to cleaning those tiles is to either vacuum or sweep the area of any loose dirt. If you’ve ever used a Swiffer, then you might understand the stress that can arise from getting a small rock caught in the bottom of it – which you then just scrape all over the floors.

Now, after you’ve prepped the area, of any loose dirt and dust, you want to get rid of the residue and leave yourself some good-looking grout.

Ridding The Residue

If you frequently mop your floors, then you may be the one causing the buildup of residue. When you’re mopping your floors, you can leave behind soap scum which will give your floors a foggy look, almost as if they begin to turn an off white/subtle grey. One of our best tips to removing that foggy appeal your tile floors are giving off is to use:

  • Fresh Lemon Juice
  • Clean Warm Water

You may be thinking that the lemon juice will make your floors feel sticky, but as long as you rinse them with clean warm water on a damp cloth, you should be good to go.

Giving Yourself Good-Looking Grout

While many homeowners think they are cleaning away the grout, they actually cannot. The grout is what is holding your tiles in place, and it is unfortunately a collector of anything that spills or drops on the floor. If you run your fingers over the grout in between the tiles, it almost feels like soft cement, which unfortunately allows it to absorb just about any type of liquid. There are a ton of cleaning products out there that read “Grout Cleaner,” but many of them don’t end with a satisfying result. So, our best tip is to make a mixture out of:

  • Baking Soda
  • Water

Once you make your mixture, put it in an empty spray bottle and let it sit overnight. The baking soda will really get under the grime that’s been building up and by the next day – a good scrubbing with a stiff brush should finish the job.

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