Tips for Furniture Cleaning


boca raton carpet cleaningEverybody loves a clean home but not everybody loves furniture cleaning. When it comes to getting strict about adhering to proper maintenance of your own home, it can get tough but it is necessary. The benefits of having a clean home outweigh the annoyance of doing the dirty work.

Tips to Clean Furniture

Remember to dust daily.

If you don’t keep up with dusting on a regular basis, your home is bound to accumulate particles from the air. For example, furniture collects a vast amount of dust and it isn’t appealing. Be sure to use a handheld vacuum to suck up grime, grab wet cloths to wipe down non-fabric, hard surfaces, and/or use a duster for furniture cleaning.

Absorb spills when they first occur.

When liquids end up on furniture, it’s important to get a towel and blot them as soon as possible. Be careful that you are dabbing the towel instead of rubbing or scrubbing the stain, which will only make it worse. Absorbing the spill can prevent a longer, more tedious cleaning process later on.

Use a vacuum.

Bring out a vacuum to suck up leftover dirt and crumbs. If the furniture is made of wicker, wood, or leather, it is still just as necessary to vacuum. Loose pieces of wood or wicker could come off if you’re not careful, so be sure to use the correct brush attachment that is gentle enough for the job.

Wash blankets and throw-overs.

Make sure you regularly wash any blankets and throw-overs you have on couches or chairs. Be sure to check the label for how to wash them so that you don’t ruin, shred, or shrink them.

Wipe down tables regularly.

Think about it — you eat off the table, you sit by the table, you work on the table, you probably do crafts on the table, overall there’s a lot of activity going down on the table. How could you not want to wipe down tables regularly? Who knows what type of gunk lays on there? This is one piece of furniture you need to be cleaning regularly.

Even after taking these tips for furniture cleaning, an overall deep house cleaning may still be necessary. Fortunately, not only does A1A Extreme Green specialize in furniture cleaning, but we also offer additional cleaning services ranging from hardwood floor cleaning to bathroom grout cleaning. No matter how minor or severe of a mess, give us a call at 561-613-3996 today and walk into a fresh home.

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