The Unfortunate Leading Cause Of In-Home Damage


Water Damage Carpet EstimatesUnfortunately, for many homes today especially in South Florida areas like Boca Raton the risk of water damage is at an all time high as the leading cause for in-home, structural damage. Whether the cause be a broken pipe, running toilet, water heater, or leaky roof, it can be deemed 100 percent accurate that all of these unfortunate events can turn your world upside down. It has nothing to do with the year in which your home was built, but it revolves more around a lack of maintenance to plumbing systems.

It is recommended by contractor’s that people take better care of their drains, garbage disposals, and other pipes because clogs and leaks can lead to internal water damage that is a way bigger headache to deal with. By pouring hot grease or letting hair clog a drain, it can create a corrosive compound if it sits on the pipes too long. The end result of severe water damage, that you may not even be aware that your home had, can lead to having to gut rooms in order to find the source of the problem.

If you feel like your home may have water damage, whether it be under carpeting from spilled water, or a burst pipe, hiring water removal and damage professionals is the best road to go down because they can dictate the severity of the damage.

If there is mold growth from the water damage, then professionals are the only way to go in order to have the mold removed safely due to a majority of the do-it-yourself products are intense chemicals that can further damage your home.

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