Waste Water Management a Huge Issue for Carpet Cleaning in the U.S.


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The accumulation of waste water during any routine carpet cleaning in inevitable. What to do with that waste water, on the other hand, is something that every carpet cleaner has the choice to make. If the water is simply thrown out onto the ground, a number of different problems can occur. The waste water that comes from cleaning carpet is usually filled with all sorts of harmful bacteria including but not limited to human remains, animal fecal matter and more. When this water gets into the ground it can be easily absorbed into the local drinking water supply and then consumed by humans who in turn become sick.
If you are looking to hire a local carpet cleaning company make sure you are aware of their cleaning practices. Mainly, does the carpet cleaning company have “green” cleaning practices? It’s 2013 and there is virtually no excuse for any company not to be engaging in eco-friendly cleaning practices. There have been huge strides made in order to accommodate businesses and many eco-friendly and affordable products have been developed so that nobody has to worry about contaminating the atmosphere in ways that were previously hard to avoid.

Most carpet cleaners are aware of the strict laws regarding how to deal with waste water, but unfortunately not a lot of people follow these guidelines. If you are thinking about hiring a carpet cleaner it’s important that you ask these types of questions, not only to be a socially responsible member of society but to protect yourself and your family from the chance that you’ll be exposed to the harmful waste water that happens as a result of most carpet cleaning sessions. The government has no clear cut way to monitor the way the waste water is disposed of, and that opens up unfortunate opportunities for carpet cleaners to cut corners if they are lazy and ignorant to the repercussions of their actions.

The best to tell whether or not a carpet cleaning service is eco-friendly is to do some research on the web and determine what type of products they are using. If you are unable to retrieve this information from simply looking at their website, don’t be afraid to give them a call and specifically ask for this kind of information. Whoever you speak to on the phone should be able to tell you exactly what types of products they use. Once you are confident that they only use eco-friendly cleaning products, make sure that you ask them what they do with their waste water. If they hesitate to respond, or have no response, you should think about vetting another company for your carpet/tile/upholstery cleaning needs.

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