The Water Damage Nightmare


Water Damage

Imagine waking up in the middle of the night to use the restroom, and suddenly, you are standing in six inches of water off the side of your bed. Well, for a simple man living in the suburbs with his family, this was an actual real life nightmare. Of course, when you are in panic mode, your brain tends to skip over some typical safety measures, like not touching a lamp plugged into a socket that is submerged in water. Now, when this man woke up his wife from his sudden panic, her immediate reaction was to turn on the bedside lamp, and she was electrocuted.

First 48 Hours Crucial In

Water Extraction To Prevent Mold

[According to the EPA]

Basically, this husband and wife were marooned on their bed island, and were relying on their daughter to shut off the circuit breaker. Upon their daughter entering their bedroom, both of them began screaming in fear that their child would be electrocuted. However, it was their daughter that saved the day by calling 9-1-1. While this is a common story of water damage caused by an overflowing toilet, it is a nightmare that can be avoided by simply understanding more about your home.

While many assume that water damage comes from heavy rainfall or a burst pipe, it can also come from something as simple as a toilet that overran during the night. Either way, it can be deemed that anyone who wakes up in the middle of the night and steps into a pool of freezing water is living a nightmare. So, from contractors to those to specialize in water damage restoration, take the time to understand the inner workings of your home to avoid damages like this family.

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