Water Damage Restoration

We at A1A EXTREME GREEN are constantly raising the bar on what the industry standard should be when it comes to water restoration and cleanup. Here at A1A EXTREME GREEN our professionals are trained, certified and have experience with all types of situations including flooding and burst pipe water damage.

We at A1A EXTREME GREEN place our emphasis on prompt, timely water damage cleanup rather than costly mold remediation.Time is the most important factor when dealing with water damage. Within 72 hours the water needs to be completely dry or else the damp conditions will begin incubating costly and dangerous mold.

Don’t put your family or wallet at risk.

Since we aren’t selling you EXPENSIVE mold remediation, therefore, if we clean and dry up the water and moisture within the 72 hour window time frame, then mold remediation won’t even enter into the equation.

Let’s be honest. A lot of other companies stress unneeded and expensive mold remediation so they can dig deeper into YOUR pockets. They stand to make tens of thousands of dollars if your home needs mold remediation, and they get rich from your misfortunes.

Prevent this from happening by calling  A1A EXTREME GREEN at the first sign of the water damage and we will do everything possible to keep you from shelling out more for a costly mold remediation and mold cleanup.

We use state of the art equipment and are constantly training to make the clean up process as quick and efficient and CHEAP as possible, We understand you have to budget and times are tough. Which is why when you call we will get you the lowest quote and you occur NO hidden charges, WHAT WE QUOTE IS WHAT YOU PAY!! We use chemicals that are 100% ECO friendly, Our machines are also ECO friendly and we try to salvage what we can. Here at A1A EXTREME GREEN we cant stress this eough, TIME IS MONEY!

Within 72 hours of the water damage we need to be out there drying and cleaning the damaged property we are trying to save you money by stressing this point. When our professionals show up to your door we will give a quote and before doing any type of work that wasnt quoted we will get the go ahead from you! We are not about going into a job and quoting low and trying to UP sell you on unnecessary and EXPENSIVE remediation and demolition. SO please dont hesitate to call, we will respond to your emergency quickly and efficiently and begin work that same day!

A1A Extreme Green Cleaning

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