Water Damage Unforgiving To Your Home


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Hurricane Precautions

South Florida has been blessed to forever be a toggle in the pin ball game called hurricane season. Every year, Floridians dread the preparation for hurricanes due to the cost before and the estimated cost after. There is no telling how hard a hurricane will hit the coast line because Florida is usually the force that slows the storms down. While the aftermath consists of horrible traffic, flooded roads, scattered showers, and power outages, the most stressful clean-up is always your home.

Commonly Overlooked

Carpet Cleaning Boca

One of the most common things overlooked is the water damage that can occur. Sea water is nasty, and especially upon sitting for a long time and soaking into your floor boards, it can become a big problem. While there is always the solution of vacuuming up the water from your carpet, one would be amazed at how little that one step does.

Water damage can be very unforgiving, and if it sits long enough, it becomes a breeding ground for mold. If mold spreads quickly enough, it can cause serious health issues as well as run up your bill because your home will need to be renovated.

Of course there are companies that assist in fixing your home post-hurricane season, but there are some cost effective ways that will only benefit you in the end. Before the storm is within reach, purchase water proofing compounds to seal the walls in your home. Some water damage may simply be inevitable, but cleaning out your gutters before the storm hits can be a good idea because it will effectively help in carrying the water away.

Although storm season is a burden, do not forget that you are not the only person dealing with the stress of protecting and refurnishing your home.

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