Best Ways To Clean Your Carpet Without A Vacuum


Old Fashioned Carpet CleanerOne of the more tedious things to invest in when purchasing cleaning supplies is a vacuum. Many of them are overpriced and the affordable ones end up clogging before you have finished half your living room. However, there are plenty of affordable ways to clean your carpet without needing to go out and buy some industrial vacuum that can contain more than one mess. Here are some original and easy ways to clean your carpet:

Carpet Sweep: Bissell sells a bunch of mechanical, manual sweepers which is actually a method used since the 1880’s. While they will not help you do a deep carpet clean, they get up a majority of pet dander, dust and hair that has accumulated.

Roll-O-Vac: These are kind of like the vacuum’s that kids would use if it was their classroom chore to clean up the floors. While they are annoying to clean out and they get stuffed up, they actually do a pretty good job at getting your carpet clean. It is essentially the lint roller for carpeting. If you need a deep carpet clean and this is all you are working with, it would not be a bad idea to call the professionals.

Just Beat It: In all the movies surrounding a family that lives on a farm, you will always see them cleaning their carpets the “old fashioned way.” Take a broom, hang your carpet up, and just start beating it. This method, although old and comical, actually gets a good amount of the dust and dirt that has accumulated over the years out of your carpet.

While these are not the most attractive and appealing ways to clean your carpets at home, they still work pretty well. Now, is these methods are not your thing, then do not be afraid to just pick up the phone and call some carpet cleaners, because when in doubt, call people who do it for a living.

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